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He's silent – but his touch speaks louder than words.

At first sight, Savannah is drawn to the harsh appeal of a man who refuses to talk to her.

Keenan is arrogant and unapologetic. The quirk of his sensuous lips is cocky and in control.

But there's more. There's something deeper he's trying to hide behind those steely grey eyes––a slight hint of vulnerability which captures her intrigue.

She'd been warned his silence hides a myriad of lies capable of affecting her career. Only she can't help herself. Testing Keenan's defenses is an addiction she can't deny.

Falling in lust is easy. Learning his secrets comes with a price. The cost? Her broken heart.

September 12
Eden Summers
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

T1darryl ,


I was wondering how this story would go. From the title to the intro brief, it seemed impossible to get a true storyline out of it. But it is amazing to see how so much can be said without ever uttering a sound. A brilliant author with a brilliant mind.

Lulu S428 ,

You will enjoy!!! Loved it!!

Oh I received an ARC for my honest reveiew. First book I read by Eden Summers. OMG, I loved it.

The characters, well described, I wish I was in Savannah's shoes, just to be held by those grey eyes from Keenan Black.

Story starts with her having to try to save the jobs of a hotel chain, that is being bought by a company, and one person behind that company is her cousin Penelope, who's trying to get rid of the old staff to bring new ones in. Savannah has to try to keep these employees from leaving until the sale of the Hotel.

So she's sent to Seattle to take care of this, her aunt lives there in Seattle and her cousin's she hasn't seen for a while. Hoping to maybe talk with her cousin Penelope see if she can save these jobs.

But a dinner the night she arrives, her cousin Dominc shows up, to bring her to there mom's house for dinner, that is where she meets the grey eyes, this good looking man, and wants to speak to him, get his attention, but can't or won't, until she finds out he can't speak.

Will this stop her from talking or trying to meet this person, who pretty much wants to devour her in his looks. So much happens the couple of weeks she's there and twice dissappointment from Keenan, Savannah gives up. But Keenan has never felt like this about any woman until her, and he needs to talk to her...... but how? (He can't speak).

This is a steady/fast read, you would not want to put down. Loved it!! Thank you Eden Summers.

Cheryl SDS ,

Conversation is NOT necessary!!!

What does it feel like to be devoured by the gaze of a gorgeous, sexy man who cannot speak? For him to just stare at you and conversation isn't necessary. Savanna knows! Keenan Black is his name and he wants Savannah...bad! Just his stare makes you shiver. AMAZING! I love Keenan! He's an amazing character. All the characters are fantastic and well developed. Yes, even Penelope. But seriously, secrets can destroy lives!

I absolutely adore this book and it's one I can enjoy just as much the second time around.

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