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What really happened on that remote Tennessee farmstead on a chilly fall night in 1828? Sixteen years later, Zacharias Neil, Andrew Jackson Thomkins, and Zack’s little brother, Aaron, are determined to find out. An eerie tale of paranormal terror. Warning for mild language and strong dialect.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
December 19
Mark Jacobs
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Nicka_Plz ,


It's an alright book... Took bout 20 mins to read wish it was a little bit longer

MeRnP12 ,

This story...

While it was useful for passing a brief amount of time, the story itself was juvenile at best. The southern idiotic drawl of the characters got somewhat irritating after a while, it was put on a little heavy for my taste, like the author was trying too hard to make these guys sound as backwoods country as he could. The ending of the story was disappointing as well. I can save you the trouble and give you the story in less than 5 sentences. Country boys who snuck out to an old farm retelling the story of a supossed alien invasion at the farm which is notorious for running a whiskey still. The story comes from an ex-slave turned farm hand. They go to the cellar, where the farmer and his wife supposedly keep one of the docile creatures, and open it up to be frightened away by a hidious beast. Once they run away the farmer comes out meeting his wife and takes off a mask; they laugh about how the story of aliens keeps snoops away from their still, take a shot, and look over to the gravesite of the creatures that had actually been shot the night they invaded the farm. Think before you download this, spend 20 minutes washing your dishes instead, at least you'll have done something productive when you've finished the job. I want my 20 minutes back, do you think Apple can refund that...?

Lynetteslp ,

Would like to have more

I realize this was a short story but by the time I got to the end I was just getting into it.

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