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The complete Incubus series now bundled!

Kit is an incubus: the first man to have sex with him will claim him and his magic forever. Kit has managed to avoid being taken as a prize, until one mistake gets him captured by Sebastian, a ruthless sorcerer. Sebastian offers him a deal. If Kit can resist his seduction for three days, Kit can go free. Kit thinks it will be easy… but Sebastian is intent on showing him that some hungers cannot be denied.

Seven MM erotic romances adding up to 37,500 words. Contains:

#1—TRAPPED (now free!)







Excerpt from #1—TRAPPED:

Sebastian unbound his hands, but kept hold of him, which was not at all an improvement. The heat of Sebastian’s touch seemed to burn, seemed to tingle, seemed to leave scorches on his skin. Kit tested his grip, but couldn’t break it. “Let me go.” Kit’s voice went up a notch.

“In a moment,” the sorcerer said, and backed him against the wall.

Kit’s back hit stone. “What are you—”

Sebastian crushed him into the wall and captured his mouth in a kiss.

It was so sudden, so fierce that Kit gasped against his mouth. He could not remember the last time anyone had touched him, and the sheer sensation was overwhelming. That kiss demanded his surrender, and Kit yielded instinctively, opening for his tongue. Kit’s hands slid traitorously up those powerful shoulders and he found himself clinging to Sebastian, fighting for air. He couldn’t breathe, couldn’t think, could only hold on as Sebastian plundered his mouth.

Kit was burning up, trapped between Sebastian’s heat and the icy stone, filled with a feverish ache. His heart beat frantically. He couldn’t get close enough, couldn’t yield enough. He needed more. Sebastian angled Kit’s face just right to deepen the kiss and Kit made a strangled sound, dazed and desperate, feeling like he was falling.

Then Sebastian broke away. Kit made an involuntary sound of protest; Sebastian chuckled. Bastard. Kit couldn’t believe how intense that had been, how vulnerable he felt, as though the sorcerer had taken a piece of his soul along with that stolen kiss.

“Just making my point,” Sebastian said. His voice had gone low and rough.

Excerpt from #2—TEMPTED:

“Good morning, kitten.”

Kit’s heavy eyes fluttered open, everything a blur, then sank shut. It was too much effort to wake up; he could barely open his eyes. He snuggled deeper into the warm arms wrapped around him, not wanting to move. He was so comfortable he could have dozed forever.

A deep chuckle rumbled through the hard chest beneath his cheek. “Kitten?”

“Stop calling me that,” Kit grumbled, half-heartedly. He rubbed his cheek against the chest he was trying to sleep on, enjoying the warmth, the steady heartbeat. Kit could not remember ever waking up like this before. Held. Protected. Safe.

One finger lifted his chin, and Kit forced his sleepy eyes open. He found himself staring into an intense blue gaze that stopped his breath; his stomach tightened, his throat went dry just from that one look. He was twined around a scorchingly hot man who was awake and smouldering at him. Black hair, blue eyes, powerful frame. Wicked smile. The man was all too familiar.

Kit froze. He now realised who he had snuggled into so trustingly.

Sebastian. Sorcerer. His captor. The man intent on claiming him forever as his incubus servant. And Kit was now draped all over his delicious, hot, muscular body.

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December 26
Alex Jace
Draft2Digital, LLC

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