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The Codex Astartes details the doctrine of the Space Marine Chapters, compiled and written by the Primarch of the Ultramarines, Roboute Guilliman. While not every Chapter follows the Codex completely, it lays the foundation for their organisation and tactics.

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The Adeptus Astartes are genetically engineered warriors, created by the Emperor of Mankind and tempered by centuries of bloody warfare. The Index Astartes series explores in detail the many elements of the Space Marines armies on and off the battlefield, from the newly inducted Scouts to the vast battle-barges that carry them to war.

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June 10
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Customer Reviews

Wargamer239 ,

Same old same old

If you are a veteran hobbyist then everything in this book will be old to you. The book contains the Codex Chapter Organization, now when it says Codex it really means Ultramarines the boring old space smurfs. Its nice but what made the Index Astartes series so great of the in depth look at lesser known chapters like the Salamanders and White Scars, so hopefully GW will release those soon aswell.

jlong05 ,

Don't be duped.

This is not a digital reprint of the originally named Index Astartes 1, 2 or 3. This is a new creation with little new information and none of the prior 3 books detailed info.

gungagreg ,

Nothing new

This has far less info than is out there in existing material such as the Space Marine Codex. In fact you get better background in many of the Black Library novels...but there you get several hundred pages of story versus this which is little more than a poorly structured White Dwarf magazine article made up of snippets taken from existing core material.

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