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The book: Whenever India is mentioned, tattooing is not the first thing that comes to mind. Even though…

From north to south and east to west of the country, the culture of tattoos is displayed on the bodies of many different social and ethnic groups. Tribal tattoos from ages past, popular tattoos executed during holy gatherings or in dusty crowded streets in towns, but also “modern” designs from big-city tattoo parlours where web-savvy young provide some of the world’s most creative tattoo artists. Although there remains some way to go before India catches up with certain Western countries, the movement is well and truly launched. This book also benefits from a preface by Dr Jehangir Kohiyar, the father of modern tattooing, who has been a witness and leading actor for the last 60 years.

This 142-page e-book, illustrated with photographs from all over India, reveals unexpected worlds where amazement and revulsion, artistic excellence and mediocrity, often mix. You just have to turn the pages to be persuaded.

The author: Stéphane Guillerme takes his time to understand a topic in depth. Through his many long-term voyages to India, he researches, writes, photographs and designs his various and divers publications. From his travels he has created one of the biggest collections of Indian posters but has also amassed enough material to create several illustrated books – on the religions of India (among which the famous “Dieux et déesses de l’Inde”, published by Almora) and also two books about the world of Indian graphics (“L’Inde s’affiche”, published by Georama, and “Walls of India” to be released in 2016).

Once more he is where we don’t expect him to be, with this unique book that brings to light, in a glorious panorama, the art of Indian tattooing. “India under the skin” is the first book of a planned trilogy.

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December 8
Stéphane Guillerme
Stephane Guillerme

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