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Devi, a wealthy Indian wife living in Mumbai, catches her servant, Johar, with her soiled panties and punishes him for masturbating. Devi soon seduces her young male servant with her ample charms and teaches him all about sex in a relationship with BDSM overtones turning him into her “smutty, dirty, little boy”. Devi makes the impressionable 18 year old boy her virtual sex slave; and even uses him in a cuckold game she plays on her husband. But, Johar discovers what shames her too.

Indian MILF’s Sex Slave is a novella and a Private BDSM Fantasies book. Each book in this series is a real person’s sexual fantasy compiled by the author, Leslie Parma, who has this to say: “I began to write erotica in 2002 mostly for my own amusement. I posted a few tales on BDSM websites and that is when I made a strange and fascinating discovery. My writing must have struck a nerve because I began to receive emails from men, women and couples from all over the world.

Perhaps feeling I was in some way a kindred spirit, they would tell me their fantasies. The anonymity of the Internet encouraged these strangers to reveal their deepest, darkest sexual ideas to me. In many cases a dialogue began. And some wanted me to put their fantasies on paper. I had tapped into a wellspring of unbelievably strange, erotic material. It seems like many of them were waiting for someone to ask them about themselves and they just poured out their deepest, darkest dreams to me.
My correspondents were from all walks of life and varied circumstances. They were young and old, female and male. In some cases, these individuals had never shared their fantasies with another living soul. I believe they found some sense of relief when they could share them with me.

Many of their fantasies were extreme. These are people you and I meet every day, yet they had no qualms about expressing fantasies that included illegal sex practices such as bestiality and incest. They revealed a depth of sexuality that is by and large unknown to the general public and perhaps only studied and understood by a small cadre of sex researchers. Each correspondent provided a different basis on which we “collaborated”. Some just wrote down bullet point scenarios and scenes that excited them. Others sketched out adversaries and locales; and most had very specific sex acts that inflamed their consciousness. One day, I decided to publish these fantasies in eBook form: Private BDSM Fantasies.”

Warning: Features extreme graphic representations, explicit language, femdom, extreme BDSM and cuckolding. All characters are 18 years of age or older.

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February 19
Talbot Press
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