Indianapolis Eagles: The First Period

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The Indianapolis Eagles Set One contains the first three full-length novels from author Samantha Lind's best selling Indianapolis Eagles Series! 


What will it take for her to Just Say Yes?

Scott Taylor has the perfect life. He gets to fulfill his dream playing professional hockey, has a loving family, and a tight group of friends. But the one thing missing in his life is a partner to come home to. He knows exactly who he wants to fill that position– the only woman he has ever loved. The one who got away, who constantly consumes his every thought. What it would take to get her to Just Say Yes to a second chance?

Becca Phillips is an independent woman who has made her career as an ER nurse a priority in her life. She has a loving family and a best friend by her side, but she can't seem to get over her first love, Scott. Insecurities led her to break up with him years ago when he started climbing the ranks in professional hockey and, for eight years, Becca has avoided Scott when he returns home each summer. Can she overcome her fears and allow love back into her life? All she has to do is Just Say Yes to the one and only man she has ever loved.


Cocky, man whore, player…. Those are all ways I have been described by the media and countless women. Are they accurate? Possibly. But, that's all I let the media see of me, Brian Kelly, defensive player for the Indianapolis Eagles Hockey team. I have no intentions of settling down and changing the media's perception of me. I can't tell if women are after me for my bank account, the status symbol of being with a professional athlete, or if they really want me for me. Then I meet her. The one woman who doesn't let my charm affect her or cause her to jump directly into my bed. Can I possibly change my ways and settle down?

Grounded, selfless, giving…Those are all the ways my family and friends have described me. Are they right? Possibly. But, I'm so much more, and need some passion and excitement in my life. My best friend is moving on and I want that someone special to share all that life has to offer. Let it be known that I, Kinley Williams, want the right someone special. So why did he have to crash into me? The one man who is so clearly wrong for me. Then again, he doesn't seem like anything the tabloids claim him to be. So is he really all that wrong?


Friends with benefits—it never works. Someone always ends up wanting more.

What happens when both want more, but neither will tell the other?

Richard Murphy has been in the NHL for fifteen years, playing the game he loves. But with retirement looming in the next few years, he's ready to settle down and start a family. There's only one woman he wants that with, but she's put him firmly into the friends—with benefits—category. Can he change her mind and heart, and prove to her he's playing for keeps?

Madison O'Neal has been a lover of sports since she was young. She and her dad bonded over them, both during and after her mother lost her battle with breast cancer. Her love of sports led to a successful career as a sports agent. As much as she loves her job, what she really wants is a family—and someone to call her own. But the one man she's head-over-heels in love with has her in the friends—with incredible benefits—category.

Can Madison and Richard find their way through the murky waters of friendship and become the lovers they secretly want to be?

October 14
Samantha Lind
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Romance213 ,

A hat trick of love, romance and fun-loving couples!!

I love this series by Samantha Lind and I know that after reading the first three books, you will be eager to read the rest!! Just Say Yes Becca and Scott were childhood friends who began dating in high school. Their relationship ended when Scott was drafted by the Indianapolis Eagles of the NHL, and he was heartbroken when he left for training camp to start his new life. Becca had her reasons for breaking up with Scott at the time, but she never stopped loving him. Now that he was home for the summer, she hoped with all her heart that he was still in love with her and would give her a second chance. Scoring The Player Kinley met Brian when he came to Alaska for the Stanley Cup tour with his teammates. She had been out to dinner with her best friend Becca when they bumped into Brian and they decided to all have dinner together. Brian was so smitten with Kinley that he asked her for a date and they spent the next week together. Kinley was surprised how comfortable she felt with Brian--it was as if she had known him forever. Brian was mesmerized by Kinley’s natural beauty and sexy smile. He hadn’t known Kinley long, but she really understood him and if she truly was the one for him, he would wait for her forever. Playing For Keeps Friendship can be the perfect foundation for romance as long as both parties are honest about their feelings before it is too late. Madison and Richard had been friends for many years and were always there for each other. She takes care of his dog when he is traveling and he cooks her delicious dinners when he is home. Madison had been in love with Richard for a long time, but she couldn’t wait around for him to decide how he felt. With the help of her girlfriends, she makes a decision that could change her life forever. Richard knows that he needs to pour his heart out to Madison but he doesn’t know what to do, so he asks his teammates for help. Will it be Madison or Richard who confesses their feelings first and finally makes plans for the future?

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