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Maj Gen Sukhwant Singh, offers a strategic analysis of the evolution of the Indian Army and the various wars fought by the Indian Defence Forces since independence of the country.

He lists the causes and effects of the Indo-China War of 1962; he also talks exclusively about the formation of Bangladesh and the contribution made by the Indian Army in that regard; he informs the reader about the 1965 war with Pakistan and analyses its repercussions; and most importantly, he highlights the primal points that the Army has to be aware of in the future.

This book is divided into three parts.

The first part deals with the full-length study of the campaign that led to the creation of Bangladesh in 1971. Written authoritatively with the inside knowledge of the developments, both in the field and at the Army Headquarters, it makes a professional appraisal of leadership, strategy and tactics.

The second part of the study of independent India at war cuts a broad swatch including the hostilities on the western border with Pakistan in the 1971 war. It assesses military strategy in relation to the previous wars with Pakistan and China, describes the evolution of the three wings of the defence services from the time of their inception, evaluates their various roles in 1971, and pinpoints the weaknesses inherent in the present set-up in relation to the functions the services are called upon to fulfill to ensure the protection of national interest.

In the third and final part on India’s wars since independence, a frank appraisal of the lessons that they teach and the questions that they raise in relation to the problem of building a credible and meaningful defence system for the country are dealt with.

July 17
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