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Cassandra, Moose, and Alex venture to the Elven woods to seek more information about the Ritual in this second installment of Inferno. Their arrival in a small village of elves causes chaos and consternation until a young huntress named Gwynn steps in on their behalf.

Fall into a world where each new moon renews Earth's hunger for human sacrifices. The Order of Pure and Cleansing Inferno administers the Ritual, delivering a chosen few to the flames to forestall the End of Days. Most grudgingly accept the necessity of the Ritual, and a few revere the Order for protecting life as they know it. Rare indeed is the individual who questions either, but Cassandra has never behaved according to expectations. She has persuaded her associates, Moose the bounty hunter and Alex the street brawler, to follow her to distant forests in search of answers from the long-lived elves. Will their new ally help them move forward with their quest, or will her single-minded focus on vengeance bring them all to ruin?

The Inferno series balances action worthy of any dungeon-crawling adventure with character-driven stories that wouldn't be out of place in a Chris Claremont or Joss Whedon script. In the tradition of the very best science fiction and fantasy, it explores themes of personal identity, order and chaos, the structure of society, and the meaning of family. If you have enjoyed the work of writers like Ursula K. Le Guin, Terry Goodkind, or Philip Pullman, this series is for you.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
January 21
Freethinker Fantasy
Ali Krzton

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