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Things change in a blink of an eye and you will need to rise through the inferno…

Instinct lead Darius Gallagher to the captain of their ship as he was about to cause the death of most of his crew and they dealt with it. Now they have no captain and the crew is looking to him for leadership. He was content to be part of the revelry, pillaging and plundering and didn't want to be captain of any space pirate. A captain had to be good at planning and handle issues that arose from having a crew of aliens, other beings and humans. But…revelations make him consider and now they had to rescue the rest of the crew from another space pirate. If that wasn't bad enough he was fascinated by the one man on the crew that—although he was respected—was also feared. He should avoid him yet…Darius wasn't one to walk away from anything.

Heller revealed some of his secrets to contain the situation with their previous captain. Now the crew was further at risk as they headed to retrieve their crew mates. Darius might deny he was going to be their captain. They needed a leader to restore their fate of each other. The crew mate by your side meant the difference between success or death. Heller knew Darius finally saw him as intriguing. Heller wasn't about to let the opportunity past. They would face getting the rest of their crew back as well as what may come between him and Darius. No matter what happened it would change them all—the crew, Darius and Heller.

When adventure calls it'll take them through an …Inferno.

This book is best read in order as part of the series

Fiction & Literature
August 13
Simply Sophisticated Publishing
Draft2Digital, LLC

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