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Infidelity: it happens to millions of people around the world. We all know about Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren, Prince Charles and Princess Diana, Bill and Hillary Clinton, but it’s not something confined to the rich and famous. The truth is that with every relationship and every marriage comes the possibility of infidelity. No matter what gender you are, whether you are straight, gay or bi, infidelity can find you.

Julia Hartley Moore has experienced it too - in her own life, and also in her career as a private investigator. In this perceptive book, she identifies the telltale signs to look out for if you suspect your partner is a cheat, how to work through it, and how to survive infidelity without becoming scarred and bitter. Bursting with useful information and practical advice, INFIDELITY is a self-help guide as well as a reference book. It includes dozens of real-life examples from the author’s professional work, as well as chapters on how to have a successful affair and on your legal and financial rights (by lawyer Ross Knight).

In this new edition, Julia also tells her own extraordinary story. She was in her teens, and the mother of three children, when she experienced infidelity for the first time. Four marriages later - and fifteen years after setting up her own private investigation company - she is in an ideal position to offer both personal and objective insights into a subject that fascinates everyone but devastates those it touches.

Julia Hartley Moore is one of Australasia’s best-known private investigators. Her company, Arbeth & Co Ltd, had operated around the world since she started it in 1996. Julia first came to widespread attention as the star of a reality television series based on private investigators, and she continues to make regular television and radio appearances. She has also written three previous books based on her work as a PI.

February 1
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Leo---god ,

I found this book very reasonable

Also very relatable. Using everyday folks as examples as well as wives.
I think I'd like the author to write another book