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New York Times Bestseller Corinne Michaels brings you the epic conclusion in this second chance love story.

Book 2 of 2 in the Indefinite Duet 

I was right. I never should’ve fallen back in love with Quinn. I always knew we wouldn’t make it. And to make matters worse, not only did I lose my soulmate—I lost myself as well.

Everything was stripped away, leaving me bare and unable to breathe. No one told me it could hurt this much. I was unprepared for this level of agony from the horrible weight of grief.

I planned to love him infinitely. But what is infinity, when love always ends?

July 22
Corinne Michaels

Customer Reviews

Macylove ,

Corinne Michaels far surpassed any expectations I ever had of this duet!

5 stars just doesn't do Infinite justice! It deserves all the stars!! EVERY. SINGLE. ONE!!!

No one can put me through the emotional ringer quite like Michaels can. With every stroke of her key board she is sure to leave you gasping for air, eyes filled with tears and heartbreak shredding your soul apart. Michaels has this pure talent of transporting a reader into the story, as if you are living the events right alongside the characters.

Her words leap off the page and burrow themselves so deep that it leaves you in the biggest book funk ever. Indefinite and Infinite are by far Corinne's best work to date. And to me that is saying a lot as I didn't think the Consolation duet could ever be topped.

There was one particular scene that really hit me hard. I had this movie reel playing in my mind, the character's emotions were so tangible I felt as if I was a bystander witnessing every detail. I legit had tears streaming down my face as quiet sobs racked my body. My heart still hasn't recovered.

Michaels writes such strong leading ladies that you want to emulate. Ashton is the kind of person you would want your daughter to grow up to be. She is strong, self assured and radiates confidence yet she's also vulnerable and flawed.

Corinne Michaels far surpassed any expectations I ever had of this duet!

strongfaith1 ,

Amazing love

Ashton and Quinn fight strong and hard for their love. At times I was so unsure of their battle. Corinne takes her readers on an emotional journey that is well worth the tears and giggles for the love of these two!

Mrs.Gragg ,


Omg, this series!!! It’s amazing!!! I can’t even believe my review didn’t save before!! It’s my favorite series from Corinne, and she didn’t disappoint!!! Ashton is my favorite of the the ladies in this series!! She’s soooo head strong (which I am myself) and I feel like I would have been just like her! It’s so real, raw, and an epic last book to close up the series!

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