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Inflammation is the number one cause of modern ailments including allergies, arthritis, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. An anti inflammatory diet can greatly reduce your risk of these life-threatening diseases.

The Inflammation Diet for Beginners will show you how an anti inflammatory diet can help you prevent the onset of multiple deadly diseases. When we consume unhealthy ingredients such as saturated fats, sugary foods, and processed wheat, we trigger our body’s natural immune response to dangerous stimuli, a response that causes inflammation. With The Inflammation Diet for Beginners, you’ll learn how to choose your foods wisely on an anti inflammatory diet in order to reduce this life-threatening reaction, and get rid of the painful symptoms of inflammation.

The Inflammation Diet for Beginners will show you how to achieve long-lasting health benefits from an anti inflammatory diet, with:

• 100 simple and nourishing anti inflammatory diet recipes

• 14-day anti inflammatory diet meal plan to help you relieve symptoms quickly

• Overview of the science behind the anti inflammatory diet and how it can permanently improve your health

• Guide to 20 inflammatory foods that you must avoid

• 10 best ways to achieve lasting change and better health using an anti inflammatory diet

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Customer Reviews

dakotalin ,

A helpful book to fight inflammatory conditions

I want to incorporate healthier grains and unprocessed foods into my diet, and this book is very helpful. After first explaining the link between diet, inflammation, and conditions like diabetes and arthritis, it provides a two-week meal plan and 100 recipes using traditional, unprocessed and heritage foods to fight inflammation. The recipes are delicious, not just good for me, and they're giving me lots of ways to try using those unfamiliar foods.

Allison1125 ,

Easy way to improve your diet, and all-around health

“You are what you eat.” We’ve all heard that saying but, as clichéd as it is, it’s true. And “The Inflammation Diet for Beginners” further proves it. Our modern diet has changed drastically from what our grandparents and parents ate; the nutritive value has greatly diminished. As a result, diseases are much more prevalent today. This book is a concise introduction to inflammation and how overhauling your diet can make huge strides in your overall health. The one hundred featured recipes are varied, and enticing enough to make anyone hungry for more.

EileahP ,

Turning a new leaf!

I love this book! I have lupus and this book will hopefully help to keep the disease under control. I've had my doctor discuss the advantages of staying away from foods that can cause inflammation, so I've researched the diet for awhile. This book explains why this diet is good for you and has a lot of great recipes to get you started!

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