Information Warfare: The Lost Tradecraft Information Warfare: The Lost Tradecraft

Information Warfare: The Lost Tradecraft

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Do you want to dissolve the effects of fake news on you and your loved ones? Want to be safe against cybercrime and attacks? Want to stop Russian meddling in elections? Want to shield your community from gangs and terrorists’ ability to recruit? Want to better the world through social awakening? Want to do this morally, ethically, and legally?

Are you sick of slickness and style winning over sober substance?

Are you sick of Machiavellians getting their way through subversion and cheap tricks?

Then this book is for you.

This book does not talk down to you. No tired clichés. No guesswork. No ‘cute’ tropes. It is as strategic as it is direct, intrepid, actionable, and practical.

The world need this book right now. Whether you’re in the great state of West Virginia, Crimea, or South Korea, the lessons are timeless, efficient, and effective.

Whether in business, finance, marketing, social movements, political campaigns, warfare, or diplomacy this book will give you the edge you need to defend against and defeat adversaries. Morally, ethically, and legally.

Take control of your community and your world. Open your eyes to the unseen swords and silent bullets of influence and information games and see these invisible forces for what they often are: long-term subtle subterfuge to bend your behavior. Don’t react. Take control of your own story. Write your own narrative.

This book is a primer for the statesman, strategist, citizen, soldier, student, and civil activist.

Introduces the inception of information warfare 70 millennia ago and surveys 26 centuries of claimed best practices—applicable today more than ever.

Posits that information warfare was the foundation for civilization—predating armies and states—and remains the center of power and strategy writ large.

Concludes that the invisible hand of influence ‘wins’ conflicts before they begin and has the potential to defeat current adversaries through methods unseen.

Draws from literature in the social sciences, humanities, fine arts, and neuroscience; historical examples and observations; and personal experience.

Proposes revolutionary theories.

About the author:

Dr. Howard Gambrill Clark, Ph.D. is a Yale graduate with twenty years of experience and research in countering violent extremism and counterterrorism: U.S. Marine Corps intelligence officer and special unit commander (Iraq, Afghanistan, and Philippines); White House National Economic Council counterterrorism analyst; Homeland Security Senior Intelligence Officer for the Headquarters Operations Directorate; Homeland Security Senior Intelligence Analyst for the Counter Radicalization Branch; and Special Operations Command senior consultant and trainer for countering violent extremists and stability operations as well as service to the U.S. Information Agency and U.S. Senate Defense Appropriations Subcommittee. He received his doctorate from King’s College London War Studies

Dr. Clark currently trains and mentors senior executives and senior military leaders on counterterrorism, countering violent extremism, information warfare, cyberwarfare, guerrilla warfare, strategic intelligence, and strategic influence.

Dr. Clark’s other books include Defeating Violent Extremists: The Tradecraft (2016) and Revolt Against al-Qa`ida (2010).

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Howard Gambrill Clark, Ph.D.
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