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Grey's Anatomy meets Sweet Magnolias in this steamy, small-town hospital romance series.


My new life in Harper Springs, working at St. Agnes Hospital, would be almost perfect if it wasn't for Dr. Deacon Girard. He's arrogant, intense, and unfortunately, hot as hell. He frustrates me, and he drives me crazy.

Maybe he’d finally listen to me if I kissed him.


When I hired Emma Carson, I didn't know she was so stubborn--or so sexy. She fights passionately for our patients, but I think her favorite habit is arguing with me. She makes me nuts.

Maybe she'd shut up if I kissed her.

July 21
Tawdra Kandle Romance
Tawdra Kandle

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ReadingOverTV2 ,

Informed Consent by Tawdra Kandle

Informed Consent by Tawdra Kandle

1st in the Diagnosis Love trilogy. Contemporary romance. Cliffhanger. Alternating chapters in first person point of view of Emma and Deacon.
All three books are centered around the same couple so unlike a traditional romance, the hea is not complete in this first book.
Emma and Deacon are doctors on an oncology hospital. While their methods may vary, they both have the patients best interest at heart. Their initial interaction was rocky but soon Mr Foxy wanted Emma in a non professional way that had nothing to do her with doctor skills.

Emma bought what she thought would be a modern modular house. What she got was an old trailer no running water, no internal walls, no shower. There was no electricity and a bucket underneath it for a composting toilet. All this loveliness in Florida. I kept thinking, how is she sleeping in that heat without air conditioning. How is she showering with water that must be brought in? Is that water being recycled or does she have to buy another five gallons of water everyday for the shower? Are camping lights really sufficient for long term use?

Several text language missteps. Subtle ones. Way too many commas.

Engrossing romance but devastating cliffhanger. Slow build with heat at the end. I know the next book is only a week away. I may forgive the author after I read the last of the trilogy but at the moment I’m simply devastated.

Itswonderful ,

Dr.’s Foxy and Woo-Woo

I’m having such an emotional time with this review. There is so much that is going on in this story, that it has hit home.
I really enjoyed how TK, not only brings reality to the pages. But, makes it easy for you to see yourself as if you’re the main characters.
Like I said, this one has really hit home. And to all of the survivors (my mother included) and their family and loved ones: God bless you all.

Any opinions offered and expressed within this review are SOLELY AND UNIQUELY MADE BY ME and I am happily leaving this review. I voluntarily received an advanced copy of this book via Bsprout.

Cheryl33610 ,

Very intriguing trilogy

A word of warning before you read this book. This story will lift you up and break you’re heart at the same time. Emma and Deacon are a couple to cheer for, but the road is not smooth for their relationship.
While both have different approaches to both life in general and medicine specifically, they both are dedicated to helping those in need. Their knocking heads is as much of a turn on to the other as their sultry kissing. As a reader, you hope they’ll find a place in each other’s lives outside of the workplace.
But not all happily ever afters come right away, so their story will continue throughout the series and isn’t wrapped in a neat little package at the end of the chapter. Cliffhangers are not something that appeals to me, but I’m very intrigued as to where Deacon and Emma are headed. I’ve picked a side, I’m not going to lie, but I’m excited to see if the author, as well as Emma and Deacon themselves, can get me to change me mind.
Thankfully, this series will be released totally in two weeks. Even that short time frame seems long, because I want to find out where they are headed right now! Excellent characters and a compelling storyline is going to keep me coming back for more.

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