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I began pulling together Infrastructure Digital Twins: A Leadership Short Course - Volume 1: Getting to know iTwins when I realised that many leaders at the forefront of designing, building, running and maintaining infrastructure were struggling to reconcile what they knew from the past with what this new approach was demanding of them for the future.

When I interviewed leaders with technical and managerial competence about where their organisations were going with Infrastructure Digital Twins, many gave some version of, “We’re on it!,” while admitting to me, in confidence, “Please don’t tell anyone I barely know what I’m talking about.”

Faced with implementing Infrastructure Digital Twins, these leaders expressed discomfort with how to lead this effort from a rocky footing. My goal with this Leadership Short Course on Infrastructure Digital Twins: take in this material over two or three sittings so you can replace your rocky footing with a firm foundation to continue leading your team.

– Dan Raker, June 2020

Many take-aways await your reading of this Infrastructure Digital Twins: A Leadership Short Course - Volume 1: Getting to know iTwins including:

• What’s it all about? Definitions, examples, ‘future proofing’, The Gemini Principles

• Why now? Data is the New Infrastructure, convergence of supporting technologies, cost imperatives

• Are you ready? Understanding the six stakeholders, five levels of readiness, readiness assessment

• What is alignment? Taming heterogeneous data, opening best-in-class applications to data

federation, data bridges

• How does open source power digital twins? Silo busting, my data – stronger together,

living data, open access

• What are the next steps? On-ramp for stakeholders, relationships, alliances

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