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Jenny always knew the Pessumae Christi was different than other orders of nuns. But, on the night of her secret initiation test, she finds out just how different they are as she is first stripped, bound and punished before being trained to serve by a dominant priest and four of his acolytes. This erotic story of approx. 23,000 words has religious themes, whipping, spanking, oral and anal sex, gangbangs, double-penetration and more. EXCERPT Father Sinclair’s eyes stayed locked to hers as Jenny spread the robe wider, her nipples hardening as she exposed her firm full breasts to the gaze of the Father and his four acolytes. She took her time, attempting to delay the moment she would be totally nude before them. But, all too soon she was forced to reveal herself, the robe slipping off her shoulders and dropping to pool around her feet, her body completely displayed for the first time in her life. All her life, Jenny’s parents had taught her that her body was dirty and shameful, and that only by renouncing it completely could her soul be saved. Her first and only sexual experience seemed to confirm this – it had been an awkward and painful experience, made a thousand times worse when her parents came home early and discovered her in the act. Utterly horrified, they had immediately taken her to see Father McAdams, begging him tearfully to save their daughter’s soul. Jenny had always been afraid of the Father. As a child, his fire and brimstone sermons had made her tremble with fear every Sunday. But, in her private sessions with him, she discovered he had another side – kind and gentle. Disagreeing with her parents, he had taught her that her body – her beauty – was a gift from God. He read to her from the bible, quoting the Song of Songs. “Your two breasts are like two fawns, twins of a gazelle, that feed among the lilies. “Your rounded thighs are like jewels, the work of a master hand.” His approving words had warmed her inside, his praise confirming to Jenny that, more than anything, she wanted to dedicate her life to the service of God. Father McAdams had recommended the Pessumae Christi, and had invited his friend, Father Sinclair, to come and interview her. Jenny had been shy and tongue-tied in front of this charismatic man, certain that she had fumbled this opportunity. Nonetheless, Father Sinclair had accepted her into the order not just warmly, but almost gleefully. He had loudly and enthusiastically congratulated Father McAdams on finding such a perfect candidate for the order, and promised him that Jenny would be sent back to visit him, once she had completed her training. This seemed to make Father McAdams very happy, and there was a twinkle in his eye as he wished her farewell, and said he looked forward very much to their next meeting. Now, as she stood naked in front of Father Sinclair and four strange men, Jenny remembered Father McAdams words of praise for her beauty. No, not his words, the words came from God – words of praise for her full, rounded breasts, whose pink nipples were very hard as she straightened, resisting the urge to cover herself with her hands. Instead, Jenny squared her shoulders, unconsciously cocking her hip, pale skin glowing in the candlelight as she modestly looked down at the stone floor. Her slender figure seemed almost doll-like compared to the bulky, black-robed shapes surrounding her. She heard a soft, seemingly involuntary murmur from Father Sinclair. “Like two fawns, indeed.” She drew in a sharp breath as she recognized the phrase, smiling to herself at the tone of his voice – pleased to be the cause of such a reaction. “Very good, child. Your obedience is commendable.” Jenny’s breasts rose as her chest swelled with pride at his praise, her small smile widening until she heard him continue. “However, I detect the sin of pride, which cannot be tolerated. So, Jenny, you will be given a lesson in humility … Restrain her!”

Fiction & Literature
March 17
Imogen Linn
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