Inner Abundance: Affirmations for Confidence, Creativity, and Higher Consciousness

Affirmations for Confidence, Creativity, and Higher Consciousness

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Abundance begins in the heart…

Inner Abundance gently helps you look at life from another perspective. You'll find fresh insight on the small joys that you often take for granted or miss in the rush of modern living. This inspirational guide offers simple ways to cultivate a more meaningful and more abundant life.

Abundance is an inside job. It begins with love. When you are creating a career, a craft, a partnership, a work of art, a home, choose to put your whole heart into what you do. When you give attention and love to your work and your relationships, they begin to glow with Divine life. The energies of love and a high quality of attention create wholeness in your life and in this world.

What you think about affects how you feel about your life. Learning to focus your awareness by affirming the goodness of life is a wonderful tool for developing awareness and trust. The meditations, quotes, and affirmations in this book remind you that true abundance is available every day, no matter what you may be going through.

Discover your hidden potential to create a happier and more satisfying life. Learn to embrace what is already yours with thankfulness, joy, and the expectancy of even more good to come. Inner Abundance reveals the treasures of the heart with effective ways to create and celebrate abundance every day.

Candy Paull’s writing is the readable equivalent of Earl Grey tea, steeped in a pot, and served in your grandmother's china. That is: it warms you through and through.
Victoria Moran, bestselling author of Creating a Charmed Life

Sample prayers from Inner Abundance;

Affirmative prayer:

The future is not waiting for us. We create it by the power of imagination.
Pir Vilayat Khan

I have the power to create great abundance. I now claim that power, sense it growing and expanding within. I know that this power is the Life Force wishing to express itself through me. I welcome this living, loving energy into my life and know that I am being transformed in this moment. I choose to nurture this seed of faith within and to cultivate spiritual fruit in my life. Before I prayed, God has already answered, and I rejoice in the flow of energy, passion, goodness, and joy that overflows in my heart. I thank God that this is so.

Affirmative prayer:

We are a stream whose source is hidden. Always our being is descending into us from we know not whence.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

I ask and it is already given to me: pressed down, shaken together, overflowing, running over—life in abundance, love in the light of Divine love and light. My cup overflows, my barns and granaries are full. I release all fear of scarcity and lack, knowing that I am perfectly supplied by an endless flow of Divine energy. There is plenty for me and there is plenty to share with others. I rejoice in the gift of God's gracious abundance.

Affirmative prayer:

The joy of life is to put out one's power in some natural and useful or harmless way.
Oliver Wendell Holmes

Creative work is a healing adventure. As I allow myself to create, I learn new and wonderful life lessons. I heal myself and I heal others through my creativity. I am free to be creative. I can invent something original. Or I can learn from copying a masterpiece. All attempts at creativity are honored and allowed. I do not judge the work. I do the work and allow it to become what it is supposed to be. I do not judge myself, but allow myself to grow and blossom into the full flower of my unique gifts and talents. I do what I love and I love what I do.

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