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Easy To Learn 3,000 Year Old Indian Vedic Meditation

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Inner Peace Fellowship (IPF) Meditation is 3,000 year old Vedic meditation from India. IPF Meditation uses the same Sanskit mantras that yogis in India have been using and refining for thousands of years (audios of mantra are included). IPF Meditation is very easy to learn. This book provides a simple beginner’s practice that can then be expanded into deeper and deeper practice over time. Millions of people in 236 countries and jurisdictions have used these instructions. If you want more inner peace, well being and happiness in your life, learn how to meditate.

“I have been meditating for many years having done intensive Vipassana and Mindfulness meditation yet felt that I had not found the right technique for me. This gentle mantra meditation works quite well. Thanx.” Lecia

You learn to meditate by meditating. The silence and stillness you experience in meditation and the increased happiness and diminished stress you experience outside meditation are so attractive and welcomed that you naturally teach yourself how to go deeper into that silence and stillness each time you meditate.

Scientists who studied meditation found that meditating can decrease stress, increase inner peace and improve relationships. Our experience confirms those findings. We have enjoyed those benefits and many others from meditating. Those benefits arose naturally and spontaneously in our lives the longer we meditated.

"Am 23 years, and am from Kenya. I have loved your mind relaxing technique. It has changed my mind completly. Inner Peace Fellowship is My Hero." Eric

“I have been meditating for a very long time (I am 75 years old), but have always ended up trying or trying not to try! Your meditation instructions have relieved me of this tendency and I really find this meditation very relaxing and easy to do.” Julie

Excerpts from the book:

“Meditation teaches you how to be. A deeper experience of Being arises naturally and spontaneously over time as you meditate regularly.”

“Your mind will wander during IPF Meditation, and that is okay. You accept that your mind is wandering, and then you return to thinking the mantra. Sometimes you have many thoughts during meditation, and that is normal. Other times you have fewer thoughts during meditation and you experience more silence and stillness, which we call Being. Sometimes people experience Being in its most innocent form during meditation, and also during their day.”

“Once in a while during meditation, some people experience Being in its most innocent form. During that experience ‘you noticing things’ is absent and only Being is experienced. The word singular describes that experience well because the three elements –  ‘you’, ‘noticing and ‘things’ – are absent and the experience contains only Being – only silence and stillness.”

Inner Peace Fellowship:

Inner Peace Fellowship works to increase inner peace, to educate about non-divisive beliefs, and to build fellowship based on the universal concerns of all humanity.

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September 30
Inner Peace Fellowship
Inner Peace Fellowship

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bliene ,

Thank you

This is a great little informal guidebook for deep Vedic meditation. Simple info and instructions that will help anyone learn this approach and build it into their life - without having to pay hundreds of dollars to learn it! Thankful for that. (though unfortunately I did pay someone first, before finding this book haha!) Namaste

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