The Intrapreneur and Startup Driven Innovation by Large Organisations

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This is a trend report as part of a series and is the second in the series. The context for all of them is Work of the Future. Trends and activities that are bubbling away but have not yet or may never become mainstream. Or they are about to break. But you should not ignore them – at worst they will be impactful but niche trends that can be leveraged. At best they will profoundly change your business for the better. The intended audience is senior executives in large organisations. 

Executives in boardrooms are increasingly thinking, worrying and talking about a new factor that’s changing everything in their world – the growth, innovation and market power of small and start-up companies. In a recent survey of 250 executives at both large and small firms, about 40 percent said their industries were being disrupted by start-ups. Most respondents believed that small companies have significant marketplace advantages over their larger counterparts, such as a greater willingness to take risks and more flexibility.

In short, large corporations are focusing their attention on small and start-up companies as never before, cooperating with them, mentoring them, investing in them or acquiring them.

As the world of business moves faster, only those agile and innovative enough survive and thrive. A new breed of company is being spawned from the startup ecosystem or is created by entrepreneurial individuals working inside existing organisations, emulating startups and/or working with them. This second report covers the trend and documents those leading the way, their practices and it shows you a possible path.

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    April 9
    Stephen Danelutti
    Stephen Danelutti

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