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This is the revised, updated, expanded version of my popular treatise. Inside is a no-nonsense compilation of the primary conflicts of interest and major weak spots within every step of the conviction process, from evidence to appeal. It is a companion to the original rather than a replacement. Everyone who wants to keep their freedom would do well to learn how the lawyers’ system really works as the new American corporate police state revs up into high gear.

False convictions arise at a minimum rate of 7~12%. One reason for this high rate is that the legal system is biased toward conviction throughout. The purpose of these essays is to raise the learning curve of indigent accusees who suffer most false convictions and to help mitigate the prosecution's colossal advantage through scrutiny of the legal process from the crime scene to appeals court. The way the system works now, real criminals learn at an early age how best to deflect and minimize punishment.  Law-abiding innocents see few of the system's wretched workings. We see McGruff, the crime cartoon and scruff, the cuddly little puppy, and thus are at a grave disadvantage when faced with hardened and experienced criminals, police, lawyers and journalists. 

The  process  of  forcing  power-addicts  to  recognize  that  captives  do  still  have  rights  is  a never-ending  war  in  which  victories  are  short  lived.  The  Kops  always  run  to  their  Legislative buddies  when  they  lose  and  purchase  more  laws  that  take  away more  of  our  rights.  This  same process works against citizens and for cops outside of prisons. Prisons are often the test bed for rights-stealing laws that will be perfected for use upon “free” citizens once a viable excuse, such as terrorism and crime, may be plausible used for their implementation. Rights  cannot  be  preserved  by  passivity  in  the  face  of  aggressive  actions  by  police, lawcrats, politicians and corporations to  Lassoin more power, money, assets and  free  labour for their own enrichment. Wise men will watch for these encroachments and  fight them every inch of the way. My treatise, “Innocents Guide to Avoiding False Conviction” points the way. 

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May 30
James Bauhaus
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