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Melissa is a young girl of just eighteen years old from a small town where everybody knows everyone. She was just eight years old when her mother died leaving her and a younger sister Beth with a drunken, abusive father.
Melissa and her friend accept a ride from a school dance from someone she trusted. Instead of taking them home they ended up on a highway out of town and raped, arrives home late and scared, knowing her father would not believe or care that she was raped.
Melissa runs from her hometown and heads to Toronto to stay with friends. Looking for the peace she has been denied. She meets a young man named Eric; he has wealth, looks and is about twenty-five years old. Eric wines and dines her, takes her to places she had only seen in books. Eric wants more than friendship. Melissa wants only friendship, still needing to find herself and explore the world.
Melissa excitedly finds work in the big city, enjoys her freedom and responsibilities.
Eric pursues and falls in love with beautiful, irresistible Melissa, seduces her until she can’t resist any longer, making her feel wanted, showering her with love and kindness.
Melissa is sexually and physically attacked by a co-worker’s male friend in her building stairwell as he escorts her to her apartment, leaving her traumatized, afraid and a prisoner in her own home.
Melissa tells Eric she can’t see him, needing to find herself before getting tied down. Eventually she meets a handsome and talented artist named Michael Stinson. He wines and dines her, and then they move in together.
When making love he drives her wild, possesses her body and soul. Finally feels this is where she is meant to be, feeling important and equal. She learns too late that Michael isn't the man she thinks he is.
She ends up on a spiral downhill involving sex, drugs and violence, with no end to the torment inflicted upon her.
Finally finds herself in a safe house of sorts, feeling more secure and confident since getting her mental and physical health back.
She feels torn between a handsome young Dr. Richards and the dashing Eric, her first love, as both compete for her favor.
Melissa finding herself once again being threatened both physically and emotionally along with the people she loves and is determined to bring those responsible for her abduction and forceful confinement. Sets out to locate and help bring them to justice and imprisonment.
She spends grueling weeks in the courtroom, with her life still being threatened and watched as the stress takes its effect on her, until finally it is over, and those responsible find themselves paying the ultimate price.

Mysteries & Thrillers
April 22
Selena Dobbin-Gillis
Smashwords, Inc.

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