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This is a true story of a journey to hell and back.

In 1994 John Hoskison was a highly respected and successful professional golfer. Then, one evening, after a tournament, he broke a rule of his life by drinking and driving and on the way home he hit and killed a cyclist.

Hoskison knew he'd never escape the pain he'd caused and felt a prison sentence was justified.

As a non-violent first offender, he could have expected to serve part of his sentence in an open prison, but was instead consigned to some of the toughest in Britain; places of medieval-like squalor and violence.


"This is a must read book. Not just an insight into how prison really is but a real life story that illustrates just how quickly your life can turn upside down. There but for the grace of God..." ~John Francome, Author and Champion Jockey.

"...a searingly honest account. John Hoskison tells it like it is, as opposed to what gets portrayed on TV or at the cinema." ~Professor David Wilson, Professor of Criminology at Birmingham City University; former Prison Governor. January, 2012

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About John Hoskison...

John Hoskison was educated at St John's Leatherhead. After a short time working in a bank, he became a professional golfer and played the European PGA tour until 1985.

He was elected Surrey Professional Golf Association Captain and has twice represented Europe in PGA Cup matches against America. He has also led England in the European Team Championships.

In 1992, he won the Club Professionals Grand Slam including the national title. He regularly contributes to golf magazines.

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Customer Reviews

Dr. Singer ,


Great account of a man who learns from hIs crime. The ending was very important to me. While John described the horrors of prison and the "system", I continually thought he was not addressing his reason for imprisonment. His last words in the book are defining.
I will share this book with many of my students and counselors. If one young person can be deterred from crime, drugs, and prison, maybe the death of that man on the bicycle will not have been in vain.

Renattix ,


Easy reading, compelling. The author show us the naked truth, since the beginning. Makes you think about life! Loved the book and recommend

Gstair ,

A must read for our Global Youth!

Before ever reading INSIDE, I had only imagined how it must be for someone living (or going to live) on the harder side of life. Personally, I believe it should mandatory for troubled teens and young adults that are showing the propensity to fall from Grace. The parents who want their children to walk the straight and narrow (Who doesnt) should read this as a community. This book shows the arduous struggle of a good man taking respnsibility for his actions. Thank you Mr. Hoskison for your life advice and your golf tips.

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