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"This is a short and sweet collection of writing, consisting of three novellas and one short story." San Francisco Book Review

"Raffetto's extensive knowledge of his subject elevates his writing in this unique collection that blends storytelling and the essay form.... Fans of Orwell and Fitzgerald should find worthwhile insight in this collection." Foreword Reviews

The Fitzgerald and Orwell pieces are "...cohesive, focused and absorbing. Kirkus Reviews

Inside Orwell and Other Stories consists of three powerful novellas and one short story by Joseph Raffetto. The new work includes Three A.M., a look back at Scott and Zelda's fall from grace; Inside Orwell, a novella about George Orwell's remarkable life and experiences in the Spanish Civil War; Kristin B., a dark, psychological drama and romance; and The Georges, a story of the furies inspired by the Trayvon Martin murder with insights provided by George Zimmerman, George W. Bush, and George Orwell.

Three A.M.

After Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald's remarkable early romance came financial excess, sexual problems, Scott's alcoholism, Hemingway, Gatsby, Zelda's illness, Hollywood, and the undercurrent of loss and love that marked their later lives. This is a look back at the dark side of paradise.

Inside Orwell

George Orwell was a person of the Left, dedicated to fighting Communism, Fascism, imperialism, racism, and classism. He wrote in his diary: "Apparently nothing will ever teach these people that the other 99 percent of the population exist." This is the story of Orwell's experiences in the Spanish Civil War and how he became the most important writer of the twentieth century.

Kristin B.

Kristin Boyd returns home to try to recover. She is soon drawn to Holden Helms, a former professional baseball star, who destroyed his career because of his own demons. They must come to terms with their pasts through forgiveness, reconciliation, or revenge. Only then will there be, for better or for worse, epiphany.

The Georges

A white man experiences an all-encompassing rage after the murder of Trayvon Martin. His internal life is a powder keg, and his anger spills over to all the lies told about the Iraq War by the news media. He channels George Orwell in a search for understanding, as he draws sharp contrasts between George Zimmerman, George W. Bush, and George Orwell.

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October 1
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