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So you think you understand the film and VFX world? Think again! This book will turn everything you know on its head. Pierre Grage is a senior visual effects professional, who has worked on numerous blockbuster films including Avatar, Harry Potter 5 and Pacific Rim. In this book he lifts the lid on the multi-million dollar secrets of filmmaking and special effects.

Prepare to discover:

The untold history of digital VFX
What Hollywood's real business model looks like
The true costs of movies and visual effects (you'll be shocked!)
Why evermore blockbuster movies are turning into box office failures
How the visual effects business turned from boom into bust
If Asia is set to take over the filmmaking industry
How the VFX industry really looks from the inside
An in-depth investigation on the current challenges of the film and VFX industry
Where the future of entertainment is heading

And much, much more. 

Based on 10 years of research by working among the best, Pierre Grage describes in uncompromising detail how today's film business is facing its biggest challenges since the invention of TV. After reading Inside VFX you will never think of the movie and visual effects industry in the same way.

Praise For Inside VFX:

“Pierre Grage most certainly explains the issues that even a outsider can begin to understand. Grage shines a light on just why and how the movie business and the VFX “business” are so royally screwed up. This book, with its statistical analysis and commonsense approach, fully encapsulates the problems. It should be a primer for every student of VFX or animation, a must-read for anyone who works in the industry and, in fact, should be mandatory for every studio executive who might be “looking to put (yet another) VFX studio out of business.”

SCOTT ROSS —Co-Founder of Digital Domain and former CEO of Industrial Light & Magic, Sr VP Lucasfilm Ltd.

"Inside VFX is a must-read for anyone interested in the film and VFX business. The amount of information Pierre Grage uncovers is groundbreaking. This is the one and only book about the film and VFX industry you need to read.”

MICHAEL PANGRAZIO—Co-Founder of Matte World Digital & Art Director for Weta Digital Ltd.

“Over the past 30 years, digital visual effects has changed the art and science of making films. Inside VFX gives you the whole story and it’s brutally honest. A must-read – not only but especially if you are working in the film and VFX industry.”

KIM DAVIDSON—Co-Founder & CEO of Side Effects Software

“This book is an essential read for all artists, to understand how the VFX industry works so we can make a bigger impact and a bigger success within our careers. I thoroughly recommend Inside VFX as an essential resource for all VFX artists to both educate and adapt, to survive the ever changing VFX industry”

ALLAN McKAY—VFX Supervisor

"Pierre Grage’s Inside VFX is an informative read looking at the visual effects industry from its earliest days up until today. If you want a look into the rich history and the many industry pressures found in today’s Hollywood VFX industry, this is the book for you."

JENN EPSTEIN —BECTU, Stage Screen & Radio, April/May 2015 Issue

"Inside VFX is an eye-opener because it isn’t about how to get into that world or a book about the mechanics of applying processes, this book is about how the movie industry works and just why they are made. What the book does is to teach us not only how important the world of VFX is, but also how things need to change in the industry.”

PAUL METCALF —Editor from Pissedoffgeek.com

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December 15
Pierre Grage
Pierre Grage