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A detailed guide through Universal's Wizarding World of Harry Potter with information about tie in's to the original fiction.  Insider information, rumors and more.

Learn which clothing on display was actually worn by the film stars.  Learn the attractions that were planned and never placed, find out what was there before the Wizarding transformation.  Learn Secrets only the insiders know!

Travel & Adventure
November 2
Bell Publishing
Savino Bellini

Customer Reviews

gretchen005 ,


They don't tell you where it is located.Jk Rolling was spelled wrong they spelled it jo rolling by the way I don't think I spelt rolling right.But still good it has good info so I will give ⭐️⭐️⭐️and a half stars but I went with 3 because I don't know how to get a half of a star

She_shee ,

Too Many Mistakes:(

This book should have been read through many times, but as I can tell it hasn't.Here is a couple of examples: Voldrmort,Harry Potter and the Order of the Deathly Hallows.If the author knew more about Harry Potter there wouldn't be mistakes. Maybe read through your work and you wouldn't be getting all these rude comments because I'm agreeing with them.Trial and error is what you need a little of.This book should be taken off of the iBooks app asap.One star is what this app diserves.

ella the librarian ,

To many ridiculous mistakes

Harry potter and the order of the deathly hallows. REALLY. I'm sorry but someone should have checked this. Ive been to hogsmeade and Diagon alley in universal Orlando and this stuff really doesn't match up. Please look else where for a good guide to harry potter. There's this place called I'd check there if you are a true HP fan.