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This book presents insights on Singapore's politics and governance from leading thinkers, based on selected commentaries from Singapore Perspectives conference series co-published by Institute of Policy Studies and World Scientific. Contributed by the who's who of Singapore's government, business and academia circles, they provide diverse viewpoints over state–society relations, governing principles, electoral politics, foreign policy, among other important issues.

Will consensus or contest secure Singapore's future? Should pragmatism be retained as Singapore's governing philosophy? What if the nation-state is no longer the key organisational unit of the international community? What if Singapore has to choose between China and the United States? What if Singapore becomes a two- or multi-party system? This volume explores a range of possible answers to these questions and more.
Contents: Singapore's Emerging Informal Public Sphere (Cherian George)Forging New Paths with Audacity and Vision (Peter Ong)Trust and Let Go (Philip Jeyaretnam)Information, Insulation and the Public Interest (Cherian George)Model of Governance: Big Government or Big People (Peter Ho)Governance in Singapore: History and Legacy (Chan Heng Chee)Three Scenarios for Singapore's Political Future (Kishore Mahbubani)Governing in the Future — Together (Lawrence Wong)Sustaining Good Governance in an Era of Rapid and Disruptive Change (Donald Low)The Emergent in Governance in Singapore (Gillian Koh)The Role of Political Competition in Promoting Well-being (Sylvia Lim)Consensus Rather than Contest will Secure Singapore's Future (Kishore Mahbubani and Chua Beng Huat)Sovereignty for Small States (Bilahari Kausikan)Pragamatism Should Be Retained as Singapore's Governing Philosophy (Kishore Mahbubani, Tong Yee, Vikram Khanna and Eugene K B Tan)What if the Nation-State is No Longer the Key Organisational Unit of the International Community? (Wang Gungwu)What if Singapore Has to Choose Between China and the United States? (Joseph Liow)What if Singapore Becomes a Two- or Multi-Party System? (Ong Ye Kung)The Real Question Behind 'What if Singapore Becomes a Two- or Multi-Party System?' (Ho Kwon Ping)Strategic Planning for Singapore's Future (Heng Swee Keat)
Readership: Students, academics, policy makers, corporate sector officials and civil society activists, and general public interested in Singapore. Singapore Perspectives;Institute of Policy Studies;Singapore's Politics;Singapore's Governance0Key Features:Coverage of important issues on Singapore's politics and governance from state–society relations to foreign policyContributed by the who's who of Singapore's government, business and academia circles

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