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There are as many personal goals to reach in life as there are human beings. Each of us follows a dream that provides us with the drive needed not only to overcome daily obstacles but also to expand our internal virtues and capabilities in order to reach our goal. The paths we follow are often planned in advance though frequently modified as required. This is a lifelong process that goes on and on as long as we live. Before we know it, months, years, and decades of our own lives pass as we continue to dwell on deeper and wiser stages of our own process.
If we are careful and dedicated, our professional, social, and spiritual goals may eventually be achieved while the internal bridges we build to reach them finally lead us to the desired fruits. As we finally achieve at least some of our goals, what happens to all of these intellectual, emotional, and spiritual internal structures that have developed within us while we struggle to reach them? Leaving them behind or forgetting about them is not an option because we transform and become the same structures that helped us reach our dreams.
This book describes insights and observations from the author's processes leading toward the culmination of a goal as he reflects on some of the lessons and conclusions learned along the way. It expresses years of written introspection through many questions, doubts, frustrations, and finally, insightful conclusions.
This collection of essays details the author's intention to maintain balance between our ever-changing internal awareness, and life's continuous challenges and opportunities in order to transform our lives from darkness into light.
In the end, this work represents a common human being's simple and honest search for understanding.

April 2
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