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This book contains many proverbs and sayings (400 approx.) that I hope you will find inspirational. They have been collected over a long period from many different sources, by word of mouth, email from friends and a few from signs I saw posted in various retail outlets. The original source of many of the sayings is lost in time.

All of the proceeds from the sale of this book go to Bray Lions Club of which the author has been a member for the last 10 years.

Lions Clubs are made up of men and women who volunteer their time to humanitarian causes in their local communities. More than 44,500 in number, these Clubs are part of the world’s largest service organisation, with over 1.4 million members in 203 countries. All funds raised by Lions Clubs from the general public are used for charitable purposes.

Bray Lions Club was founded in 1987 and currently has 37 members who undertake more than 30 projects each year principally in the areas of health, education and community development. They also help and support Lions International projects in the Third World. Visit www.braylionsclub.com for more information about the excellent work they do.

Seek inspiration, but see also if you can inspire others along the way.

When you inspire another person you will feel inspired yourself.

If you think that some of your friends could do with a little lift you might like to purchase another copy of this book and send it to them or send them the link. Remember that all sale proceeds go to a very worthwhile charity.

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November 9
Jerry Teehan
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