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This book pays tribute to 25 Singaporean South Asians who pioneered and excelled in their respective fields from 1950 to 2015. It is meant to be a 'quick take' on 25 Singaporean South Asian personalities, across a broad spectrum of professions and activities, who believed in the value and virtue of service to the community and gave the best of themselves.

They had a sense of mission in their professions, dedicated to what they were doing and fostered a sense of community and nation. Many of them laid foundations that triggered the transformation of the island, including sportspeople whose records have stood the test of time. They were a people of their time whose work many may not know but which we hope will inspire others. This book is timely, for those who want to get a snapshot appreciation of the contributions of Singaporean South Asians.

Contents:PrefaceAcknowledgmentThe Sound of Music (Alex Abisheganaden)The First NSMan (Lt-Col Albel Singh)In a Class of His Own (Velauthur Ambiavagar)Bringing the News (Ananda Perera)Stamping his Mark (Bala Supramanion)Breaking the Mould (Balbir Kaur)Broadcast Guru (S Chandra Mohan)Shots Under Fire (Chellappah Canagaratnam)The Unionist (Devan Nair)The National Bard (Edwin Thumboo)All for the Best (Eugene Wijeysingha)Feats of Glory (Glory Barnabas)Game for Life (George Suppiah)Pioneer Doctor (Dr James Supramaniam)Going the Distance (K Jayamani)Labour Leader (G Kandasamy)Army Builder (Kirpa Ram Vij)Sports Aficionado (SS Dhillon)Born to Run (Sergit Singh)The Silat Champion (Sheik Ala'uddin)Physician First (Dr BR Sreenivasan)Nature's True Child (Subaraj Rajathurai)Dream Run (PC Suppiah)Dancing in the Ring (Syed Abdul Kadir)Runner-Philosopher (UK Shyam)
Readership: Schools & Educational Institutions; Libraries both local and overseas; Indian Diaspora; Business & Professional Groups; Government Bodies; Community Centres and Indian Activities Groups.
Singaporean South Asians;Inspiration;Albel Singh;Kripa Ram Vij;Bala Subramanion;Dr BR Sreenivasan;Velauthur Ambiavagar;Dr James MJ Supramaniam;S Chandramohan;Ananda Perera;Chellappah Canagaratnam;George Suppiah;G Kandasamy;Eugene Wijeysingha;Edwin Thumboo;Alex Abisheganaden;Subaraj Rajathurai;PC Suppiah;Glory Barnabas;Syed Abdul Kadir;UK ShyamKey Features:Evokes emotional response to foster ownership of a nationIncludes personalities across a broad strata of societySeeks to add human faces to memoryMotivates others to be inspired by these achievementsTriggers nostalgia and conversation and excite others to contribute to SMPDevelops heritage content by offering new informationServes to educate "make-up" communities on some of our pioneers

March 18
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