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**This is a Kindred Tales PLUS novel--over 95,000 words long**
Lizabeth Paige is mortified. Ever since a terrorist introduced the Xi-46 lust compound into the air ducts of the Mother Ship, she had been experiencing attacks of sexual needing that leave her helpless to resist her lustful urges. Much to her embarrassment, her assistant Lone helped her with the first attack, but she’s been managing on her own (though not very well) ever since. She feels drawn to Lone, but he’s much too young for her. Lizabeth tells herself it’s better if they keep their distance.

Lone has been in love with his boss from day one. As a Twin Kindred who lost his twin at birth, he doesn’t think he can call a mate but he wants Lizabeth with his whole heart. Helping her through her first needing attack was like a fantasy come true but now, for some reason, Lizabeth is trying to cut him out of her life. Desperate to bring her closer, he is elated when the Kindred High Council decides to send the two of them to The Tower of the Higher Mind for some extra training.

But there are dangers lurking at the Tower, which is located at the top of the Sacred Mountain. At its base live the Friezens—a tribe of savage, misogynistic natives who believe women are only useful for sexual-sacrifice. And in the Tower itself,
some very strange customs hold sway. Lizabeth is now a “Mistress” and Lone must be her “Novice,” serving her in every possible way. Pulled between two extremes, will the terrors of the Tower draw them together…or kill them?

You’ll have to read Instructing the Novice to find out.

*Author's Warning* There is a scene in this book that may make anyone who has suffered past abuse feel uncomfortable or triggered. Please read responsibly. (But I promise everything comes out all right in the end!)
Hugs and Happy Reading

January 12
Evangeline Anderson
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Customer Reviews

Tcbuck ,

Love the Kindred

If you have read any of the Kindred Tales then you know what to expect. Lots of heat and one giant Kindred devoted to his female. This story has one woman that is a brilliant lawyer for the Kindred and her assistant is a Kindred. There will be a lot of tension mostly caused by her belief that she is too old for her handsome assistant and it wouldn’t be proper. Thankfully he isn’t about to let that stand. The story really goes fast but is so detailed. I could of read it in one night if I was allowed to by the family. I love how the main characters are so well written. There are some scenes that might be triggers to some. But remember these Tales always have a HEA.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

magnoliayankee ,

Evangeline does it again!

Romantic and spicy hot! I couldn’t stop reading until it was complete.

Alliejeff ,

I just wanted to shout

Okay so the book is okay. I like it (I love the first few books in the series a lot more) I just wanted to say throughout the book I just wanted to shout we GET IT. You shouldn’t have those thoughts about you assistant or he is very young. It got so repetitive with that! I get that’s her character struggle but dang! Overall decent book.

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