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Integral Society

Social Institutions and Individual Sovereignty

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This book is a manifesto for an integral society in which sovereign individuals are served by social institutions, not exploited by them. Banking and investment firm cabals have engaged in unchecked forms of theft that distribute “new money” to wealthy elites and governments. Social institutions have a valuable place in an integral society, but they must be kept to their mission, sphere, and level of society. This book is about creating social institutions and a constitution for sovereign individuals to pursue life, liberty, and happiness in a sustainable world.

“This is a excellent book.  Based on Integral Theory, it demonstrates how to create a society that is more functional, ethical, economical, and otherwise more integral.  I definitely recommend it very highly.”  Ken Wilber, A Theory of Everything.

"Gordon Anderson builds on the philosophy of Ken Wilber to outline the contours of a more ethical and functional civilization. Anderson makes a convincing argument for the necessity of individual economic autonomy and the widespread distribution of capital."—Steve McIntosh, author of Developmental Politics

In Integral Society Gordon Anderson argues that there is a purpose to human history which is the realization of free and resilient individuals in societies coordinated by institutions of which they are masters not slaves. The author sees this as glimpsed at key moments in the past and within our grasp today to make a permanent state if we but have the courage to face down the systemic evils in our midst.—Don Trubshaw, cofounder of Societal Values website and coauthor of Freedom and Belonging

"Critical and constructive, bold and daring, Integral Society challenges 21st-century persons to think deeply about fundamental institutional changes needed to defend the sovereignty of individuals. This wide-ranging and debatable book advances inquiry and action toward those vital goals."—John K. Roth, Edward J. Sexton Professor Emeritus of Philosophy, Claremont McKenna College

"Gordon Anderson has given us a remarkably readable history of the roots of integral society and its potential future. Along the way he discloses and illustrates the real faults, gnarls, and blockages of such a society for today’s world."— Allan Combs, Professor of Consciousness Studies, California Institute of Integral Studies, author The Radiance of Being: Understanding the Grand Integral Vision; Living the Integral Life

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