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Message from the Designers

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Years ago, everybody knew that the earth was flat, everybody knew that the sun revolved around the earth, and today everybody knows that life on earth is either the result of random evolution or the work of a supernatural God. Or is it? In “Message from the Designers”, Rael presents us with the vast amount of information that he received during his UFO encounters in 1973 - a third option: all life on earth having been created by advanced scientists from another world.

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September 30
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Customer Reviews

Mehransaam ,

An expanded view of the universe

You must read this book, if you have a serious interest in any of these subjects. Where does life come from? Is there life on other planets? Where do human beings, different races and different religions come from? Can we create human beings scientifically? Can we live a long time or eternally? Are there extraterrestrials who are interested to meet us? What is the best way to govern the planet earth and use its resources wisely? What is the best political system? How about the best economic system? What does it take to live a healthy, happy and fulfilling life? What are the foundations of a loving relationship with my partner, my family and my children? Intelligent Design by Rael contains answers you may have not considered before, an expanded view of the self and the universe.

Negaronfly ,

Book of true revelation!

This is the book which changed my life and I recommend it to anyone searching for our origin and all the Truth seekers..

Banold ,

A must have!

This book changed my life. I was lost before reading it -- so many nagging questions were answered between the pages of this text.

I highly recommend this book to all seekers after the truth. It's an easy read, clearly written, and simple to understand. I read the whole thing in one night!

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