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The moment it happens, it is so intense that it will not be forgotten and the only thing you want is for it to happen again.
Erotic Short Story
When a woman sees something she wants, that the desire drives her so insanely wild she will do just about anything when she gets it, she will succumb. Even if she must be a submissive lover, far different from her dominate nature. This one man, who electrified her at first look, leads her to such an intense euphoric feeling that her body electrifies from the overload from the carnal sensations that take over her body.
Will she embrace his wicked ways over her or will she turn the tables and be the one in control in the end?
Can your intense desires drive you to an imaginative brink of passion, only to bring you back down with the reality of this being what you wanted all along? Allie is about to find out if her controlled world of law will take that next step of seduction.
Sometimes you need to be really bad before anything good can happen. Wink-wink. Kat Von Wild

About the author Kat Von Wild
I enjoy writing and sharing my stories with you, my readers, and hope that I give more much joy then I receive in payment. I write as a hobby and a way to fulfill my muse that likes to come up with romantic stories to share; as an e-book writer for adult romance or erotica, whose purpose is to make you feel as if you took a moment away and found sensuality. My adult romance novels tell stories of love and passion, or my short erotica stories are written to ignite the fire within. My one true passion is to leave you feeling fulfilled and wanting. My erotica stories will have you wet and willing with each chapter. My romance stories will have you lusting for a happy romantic ending.
Like luscious liquid dreams, my stories pour from my flittering fingertips, creating a provocative experience, for your pleasure. Deliciously dark dreams dare me to be so bold. Stimulating warm trickling sensations like a waterfall gently washing over your soul. Accept my offering of a moment in time to escape. Thank you for allowing her to offer you pleasure.
"I believe in giving to those who need to receive. There is satisfaction in sharing my words in writing to you as a reader. Sensuality and sexuality are two of the most basic primal desires for which many long for. When my words bring that desire closer, I feel I have given a gift. With all of my writing there is always a touch of romance, so that a small story may unfold for you." Kat Von Wild

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Fiction & Literature
August 8
Kat Von Wild
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