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After seven years together, she knows him better than anyone. Doesn't she?

In the newest entry in this fast-paced USA Today bestselling series, wife-and-husband team Sasha and Leo find themselves on opposite sides of an explosive situation.

Sasha's up to her elbows in a data privacy matter. Her client could be on the hook for breaching the privacy of hundreds of customers. All because a rogue employee intentionally leaked personal information for reasons known only to him.

Meanwhile, Leo's busy with a high-stakes case of his own. He's been ordered to neutralize a national security threat to the country, but he has his doubts about the strength of the evidence against the target. 

As Leo vets the information he's been given, Sasha learns that federal law enforcement has an interest in her civil matter. Because they both take their duties of confidentiality seriously, neither realizes that their cases are intertwined. Until one of the affected customers in Sasha's case is murdered … and the evidence points to Leo as the killer.

Sasha’s not about to turn in her own husband, so she tails him instead. She only hopes what she finds will clear his name, not destroy their marriage.

Mysteries & Thrillers
June 19
Brown Street Books
Melissa Furrer Miller

Customer Reviews

T1darryl ,

The Bombdigity

Another 5 Star triller. Looking forward to Sasha and Leo’s next adventure.

dadall47 ,

Intentional Acts - superb!

Sasha McCandless is a Pittsburgh based attorney and her husband consults with Homeland Security - but in Intentional Acts, each has a case that weaves together without either one knowing. Sasha and Leo have been married a relatively short time but this “adventure" tests their fortitude. The government is looking for possible terrorists that have gone under the radar and Leo is charged with finding one that has popped up on a list. Sasha’s client is a
non-profit whose client list was stolen by a former employee and given to an organization that works on government contracts. Murder, intrigue and more ensue. Melissa F Miller has several series of books. Try them! She’s awesome!!!

PushpushStable ,

Intentional Acts

Another excellent example of the level of writing I expect from this author. I begin each book afraid I'll find she finally has reached a plateau or lost that edge. Nope, she simply keeps writing the best.

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