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The Interactive Guide To Running: A Complete Training Book For 5k & 10k Runners is an eBook for iPad written for the beginning and intermediate athlete.  The book uses a multi-touch interactive approach to explain and teach a variety of concepts such as selecting essential equipment, types of training, 23 weeks of scheduled workouts, proper diet & nutrition, correct running form, developing racing strategy, practicing mental preparation, injury causes & prevention, as well as reviews of running gadgets, applications, and community sites.

Whether a new or experienced runner, this volume will help you progressively improve as a runner based on your current level of fitness.  Start by understanding how to choose the proper shoes and other equipment, then review how different types of training improve performance.  Learn how to calculate different paces, study lactate threshold, and estimate V02Max before moving on to three chapters of detailed workouts for runners of all levels.  Read about training diets and the specific nutritional needs (with recipes) of middle distance runners.  Understand how proper posture, foot strike, breathing and mental techniques can lead to better performance and avoid injury - and, should injury strike, how to decipher symptoms to find remedies and prevent future occurrences.  Finally, find some gadgets to make training more fun - or online communities where you can share tips, try new routes, and possibly join local running groups in your area.

This interactive eBook version is for the Apple iPad only.

Sports & Outdoors
October 10
Liberated Media, LLC
Liberated Media, LLC

Customer Reviews

Pookie Badmuffin ,

Great Training Tips

As a returning runner, this book was exceptional in the training regimens it provided. The intro training schedule was a bit easy for me, but the intermediate schedule is working very well. The advanced schedule looks formidable, but we'll see. The information on aerobic capacity and diet were also great. A good book for new or intermediate runners.

BensonBunnyGirl ,


This book helped me get started with running for exercise. Now I've decided to try my first 5k and am in the middle of the Intermediate Training section to prepare for it...

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