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From cavemen to Beethoven to Coldplay, explore music in the first truly interactive e-textbook of its kind. Interactive Listening is a multimedia expedition through the history, science, and diverse languages of music.  Every page uses audio, video, 3D instruments, tablet drawing exercises, or instant listening tests to actively engage learners.  With over 120 built in music examples, listen to Tibetan monks, a Dixieland parade, or a Dubstep DJ while you cross 35,000 years of music with sounds from every continent and each chair in the orchestra.


Why has music been written in caves, ships, and cathedrals in every corner of the human odyssey? Interactive Listening was designed by two music professors to test your ears, eyes, and mind, in an experiential search for the truth about what music really is. 

Listen like Beethoven. Question like Miles. Learn like the Beatles. Hear yourself.

Arts & Entertainment
August 16
Interactive Listening
Peter Carney

Customer Reviews

Dinabbbb ,

Can’t open this e-book

I purchased this e-book last year and used it for my classes. For some reason now it wouldn’t open. When I click on “read” it tells me to download the iTunes (and I already have them). I just re-installed iTunes but still no luck. I also don’t see the donwload symbol in the library, although I still see the name of the e-book there. What should I do to open it?
Dina Bodaubay

shipsax ,


very fine text, engages students, fosters collaborative work in classroom which promotes peace and quiet. (a rare thing). students like the technological aspects, and creative feedback. I especially like that it emails me their test scores, directly. so much less paperwork !

Malecki@SXU ,


I've used the hard copy of this book in my collegiate Intro to Music classes (it would work just as well for high school), and it was a night and day difference from some of the old warhorse music appreciation books. With this new interactive iBook especially, it grabs students with a professional and catchy format, but also encourages critical thinking and creativity FAR more than anything else I've used. Prof. Carney is a master educator and great musician who thinks outside the box! Thank you for this new interactive format, I can't wait to use it in the fall!

Dr. Jeff Malecki
Director of Bands & Orchestra
Saint Xavier University
Chicago, IL