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Jordan Weston is good-looking, mysterious, and sexually uninhibited, but his life is more like the name of his bar—Just an Illusion. His cousins are the bad boys of Bastards and Dangerous, but their fame hasn’t made everything rainbows and sunshine for him. He’s haunted, flawed, and the sole survivor of a homicide that wiped out his immediate family.

Allie Baker, the most recent hire at the bar, can see through Jordan’s façade. She knows he’s everything she doesn’t need, but she’s beginning to crave his cocky attitude and the way he looks at her. The more she tries to stay away from him, the more she wants to get to know him.

Jordan knows falling for an employee is a bad idea, but Allie pushes buttons he never realized he had. Even though Allie desperately needs her job, she soon decides being with Jordan is more important. Will they be able to compromise, or will she let her chance at love pass her by for the sake of a paycheck?

Interlude is the first spin off story from the Illusion Series. It can be read as a stand-alone novel, or enjoyed as part of the Illusion Series. 

January 29
Dee Kelly
Destiny Deadwylier

Customer Reviews

Hmitch76 ,

Great Addition to the Illusion series!

I’ve been anxiously awaiting Jordan’s story. I knew it would be a good one. Jordan Weston has been through a lot in his life. His family is famous, but he prefers to stay in the background. He runs his own bar, called Just an Illusion. He hires a woman named Allie, who is running from her past. The two of them hit it off pretty quickly, but both have reasons they can’t get involved. I loved seeing Jordan’s prospective on events that transpired in the previous books. His friendship with Allie was great to watch develop. I enjoyed seeing Allie stand on her and not let her father dictate her life. I have honestly enjoyed the entire Illusion series and I’m looking forward to the next one.

Millionreads ,

Great addition to the Illusion series

If you haven’t read the Illusion series yet, I highly recommend reading it first. Especially if you don’t want any spoilers.

With Jordan’s story, we are taken on another emotional journey. This book takes place along the same timeline as the Illusion series. I loved getting Jordan’s full story. He and Allie have great chemistry. They both have a lot of obstacles to overcome and I loved seeing the evolution of not only their relationship, but them as well.

JessElliston27 ,

D Kelly has done it again!

D. Kelly has done it again! Interlude was so beautifully written. Each story she writes brings you even closer to this family and to these characters. Jordan and Allie have such a strong connection and the chemistry between them is out of this world. I absolutely loved this book. I have loved every book in The Illusion series. I’ve yet to be let down! Such a great story!

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