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In 2016, economic globalization suffered a severe crisis after over half a century of smooth development, and deglobalization was running mountains high. Not only did it trigger domestic political discord in major countries like the United States, Britain, France and Germany, but also led to international economic and political disputes among Western countries, intensifying strategic competition between major powers. With the arrival of 2017, through the perilous waves of deglobalization and the consequent international political upheavals, we find that the post Cold War era that we were familiarized with, is coming to a rapid end, ushering in a new international political era, full of uncertainties. This annual book presents Chinese scholars' views, opinions and predictions on global political and security issues, as well as China's strategic choice. It covers a wide range of important issues concerning international security, ranging from the assessment of Sino-US relations, Russian-American relations, the counter terrorism situation in the Middle East, the political situation in Taiwan and cross-Strait relations, Brexit and the refugee problem, and the strategic situation in the South China Sea, to the judgment of the strategic posture in countries and regions like Japan, the Korean Peninsula, Southeast Asia, Latin America and Africa. Also covered are the analysis of the strategic posture in cyber space, outer space (as well as their governance), and discussion on China's international strategic choice in the wave of deglobalization.
Contents: World Disputes and China's Strategic Options in the Context of the Globalization Crisis — A General Review of the International Strategic Situation and China's National Security in 2016 (Qi Dapeng)Sino-US Relations during the US Presidential Election Year (CAO Xianyu and XU Qiyu)An Assessment of the Strategic Trends of Russian–American Relations (YANG Lei)The Middle East Counter-Terrorism Situation and Its Impacts (LI Xiaolu)An Assessment of Japan's Strategic Trends (WU Huaizhong)A Review of the Strategic Situation on the Korean Peninsula (LU Yin)An Analysis of the Political Situation in Taiwan and the Posture in Cross-Strait Relations (WANG Shushen)An Evaluation of the Strategic Situation in Southeast Asia (ZHAO Yi)The Impact of Brexit and the Refugee Problem on the European Union (WANG Shuo)An Evaluation of the Strategic Situation in Latin America (WU Hongying, SUN Yanfeng, YANG Shouguo, CAO Ting and LI Meng)The Characteristics of Security Situation in Africa (XU Weizhong, YU Wensheng, WANG Lei and SUN Hong)An Assessment of the Strategic Situation in the South China Sea (DUAN Kejing)A Strategic Posture Review of International Cyberspace (WEN Baihua)Space Situational Assessment and Space Governance (CHEN Guoying)China's International Strategic Choice in the Wave of Deglobalization (Zheng Yongnian and Zhang Chi)
Readership: Students and researchers interested in international relations of major powers, China's security and foreign policy.
Keywords:International Relations;National Security;Policy Studies;ChinaReview:0

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