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Explore new international economic and business trends and how your firm can benefit from them!

Internationalization of Companies from Developing Countries provides marketing and economic researchers and students with both theoretical and empirical insights into the motives, methods, and processes of internationalization of firms in the developing countries of Africa. Full of current facts and data, this informative book explores how government policies shape a country's strategies for global competitiveness. The book also discusses motives of internationalization, approaches to market analysis and market knowledge acquisition, and domestic and foreign interfirm relations.

Informative and intelligent, Internationalization of Companies from Developing Countries offers you a unique conceptual framework for analyzing and understanding the internationalization process of successful Ghanaian firms and how these principles can be applied to other businesses in developing countries.

This unique book will assist you in keeping current with the dynamics of the international market by supplying you with important guidelines and suggestions. It covers: the limitations of contemporary theories that explain the process of internationalization and export development how companies from a developing country become integrated in the global economy how governments can support the internationalization process three prototype orientations of management decisionmaking: planning orientation, action orientation, and network orientation various ways of entering and developing a foreign market the concepts of relationship and interaction as they pertain to international business, especially the relationships between government institutions and corporations

Comprehensive and concise, this valuable book fills a void in the current literature about internationalization in developing countries, especially in Africa. Internationalization of Companies from Developing Countries will help you establish productive business relationships and improve the position of your company and its partners in today's global arena.

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June 3
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