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Sam, the Mayor of NY City, is involved with Deanna, a NY Times reporter. As they fall in love, he struggles to confide in her about details of a car bombing that killed a prostitute. She doesn't understand why Sam is so convinced that the head of one of the crime families, Jimmy Gambezi, is the hit man. Deanna's career needs a boost, but will this story hurt her relationship with Sam?

Fiction & Literature
March 24
Ansley Gilmore
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Franklymydear89 ,

Falling short

While I understand that this was a short story, it was more like a brief summary. There was little to no character development, and certainly no depth. There was room for more than choppy timelines and vague locations, even if word count was somehow an issue. Yes, street and venue names were given, but the feel and description of these settings were completely left out. I felt like I was reading a synopsis of a book, not the actual thing. It held such potential, especially given the parody it was attempting to portray, but fell so short it hardly appeared to try. Were it not for the author's note at the end, the moral of the story would have been completely lost on me. Instead, I merely assumed that it was a tragedy about some truly stupid people who unwittingly got each other killed.

Sgerbine ,

Felt rushed in parts

But then drug on in others

Norcalgirl1281 ,

Depressing ending...

I really did not like how the book ended. It ended so abruptly and the ending was not written well. Also, the book itself felt rushed.

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