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This is a book that takes us deep, deep into the bowels of Painfreak, the traveling club that arises out of the dark and calls to those seeking the ultimate in pleasure and pain. If you wear the invisible mark of the bone on your hand then enter through the door. Many come to experience the ultimate in decadence and debauchery. And many get lost in a labyrinth filled with depraved sex, beautiful death, and wonderfully horrible sights. You've been given the mark, now step into the heart of…PAINFREAK.

Features brand new fiction from:

“Introduction: Why Painfreak?” © 2016 Gerard Houarner
“Welcome to the Mercy Museum” © 2016 Charlee Jacob & Linda Addison
“Henry-Tobacconist” © 2016 John Urbancik
“The Night Sitter” © 2016 Edward Lee
“Painfreak” © 2016 Gerard Houarner
“The Thick of Chaos” © 2016 K. Trap Jones
“Exclusive” © 2016 Randy Chandler
“He Who Whispers the Dead Back to Life” © 2016 Lucy Taylor
“The Reverend’s Wife” © 2016 Tony Tremblay
“Ownership” © 2016 Wrath James White
“The Danse Macabre” © 2016 Monica O’Rourke
“The Rut” © 2016 Gerard Houarner
“Coping Mechanism” © 2016 Jeff Strand
“Pretty Me Up” © 2016 Michael T. Huyck, Jr.
“Sacred Meat” © 2016 Jeffrey Thomas
“Aikiko’s Blade” © 2016 Colleen Wanglund
“Divine Red” © 2016 Ryan Harding
“Bondage and Godhood” © 2016 Jordan Krall
“They Deal in Pain, But Pleasure Is Better” © 2016 Chesya Burke
‘Sing Blue Silver” © 2016 John Everson
“Storming the Museum” © 2016 Charlee Jacob

Fiction & Literature
December 2
Necro Publications
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Customer Reviews

l2awkism ,

Ever heard of proof-reading??

I decided to support what I deemed a no-name project because the hellraiser-esque premise seemed interesting and a step away from the norm which I like to check out when I'm looking for something new. I'm just pretty shocked that in a collection like this where you would expect there to be more than the average proof-reading/editing opportunities...I find mistakes that a third grader could spot. Using no versus know. Forgetting a whole letter, changing the word itself so much that you have to reread and make an educated guess as to what it was meant to be. Everyone comes across a mistake here and there in even the best of books, but when I'm coming across more than I can count on one hand in the span of a single, VERY short story, it becomes pretty unforgivable that I paid for this. It seems even the author that wrote the title story and prompt couldn't be bothered to properly assemble and edit the stories he chose.

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