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"Instantly engaging, constantly suspenseful, ultimately poignant and satisfying. Loved it!"--Diana Gabaldon, author of the #1 New York Times bestselling Outlander series

When fragile, sixteen-year-old Hope Walton loses her mom to an earthquake overseas, her secluded world crumbles. Agreeing to spend the summer in Scotland, Hope discovers that her mother was more than a brilliant academic, but also a member of a secret society of time travelers. And she's alive, though currently trapped in the twelfth century, during the age of Eleanor of Aquitaine. Hope has seventy-two hours to rescue her mother and get back to their own time. Passing through the Dim, Hope enters a brutal medieval world of political intrigue, danger, and violence. A place where any serious interference could alter the very course of history. And when she meets a boy whose face is impossibly familiar, she must decide between her mission and her heart—both of which could leave Hope trapped in the past forever.      

Young Adult
March 1
HMH Books
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company
Grades 9 and Above

Customer Reviews

K-pop fan🤩 ,

Wow, just wow......

I definitely didn’t expect that. So much suspense, and the romance, and the secrets, just wow.....
This book was so thrilling, I mean it it was satisfying, and it instantly engaged me.
Definitely one of the best books I’ve ever read.

El_CyD ,

Enthralling & Enchanting

I could not put it down! I read it within 24 hrs...it was THAT good. Now i'm aching for my next fix! I look forward to the second installment with great anticipation. Beautifully written, wonderfully descriptive- I was there with Hope the whole time. I highly recommend this book 👍🏼😊

1335324675676878 ,


Great read! The storyline was pretty great overall, even though there were some things I would have liked different, this a great book to read for any age. You have found the right book!!!!

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