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Many introductions to the Old Testament are either too simple, not providing all the necessary information, or overly complicated and written at a level out of the reach of an average person without seminary training. This work is neither. The author is thorough, (providing over 500 footnotes), but at a level that is understandable, and in a concise manner.

In this work, Weaver answers important questions such as:
-who wrote the book?
-when was it written?
-where was it written?
-why was it written?
-to whom was it written?

The author also presents a convincing biblical/conservative response to those critical of the Scriptures, answering such questions as:
-how was the Pentateuch (Genesis-Deuteronomy) transmitted?
-who was the Pharaoh of the exodus?
-when did the exodus occur?
-are the census numbers recorded in the book of Numbers accurate?
-is the chronology of the kings recorded in the book of 1 & 2 Kings reliable?
-does the book of Esther belong in the canon of Scripture?
-is there more than one author of the book of Isaiah?
-who was Darius the Mede (a character in the book of Daniel)?
-is the story of Jonah historical?

Additionally, Weaver develops the most important theological themes found within each respective book of the Old Testament.

One of the great features of this book, not found in most other introductions, are the descriptions of archaeological discoveries (both sites and artifacts), which affirm the historicity of the Scriptures. Such an addition, will build your faith and strengthen your confidence in the inspired Word.

In this work, the author demonstrates his passion and commitment to provide high quality resources, at an affordable price, within the reach of anyone serious about studying God's Word.

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Religion & Spirituality
March 12
Paul D. Weaver
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