Introduction to Genius Theory

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In Mark 7. 22 Jesus cites foolishness as one of the deadly sins, and therefore True Christians are not foolish. And the upshot of Matthew 26. 28 and Jeremiah 31. 31-34 is that the Divine Law is written on the hearts of True Christians. So, if you are not foolish, and if you have the Divine Law written on your heart, then it stands to reason you must be quite bright. Now we're getting into Genius Theory.

Recall John 14. 23-26 where Jesus says those who love Him keep His words and those who don't love Him don't keep His words. And Jesus said, in so many words, in John 6. 53-55 that you must take Holy Communion to attain Heaven and escape perdition. But don't take communion in a false church. Only take communion in God's True Church. Recall St. Paul told us in 1 Corinthians 11. 27-29 that you drink damnation into your soul if you celebrate holy communion in an unworthy manner.

And where is the True Church? How do you recognize false churches? Well false churches teach lies, and they give the bread and the wine to liars etc. Revelation 21. 8 - all liars go to the lake of fire.

Look at all the lies told in regards to Climate Change. The more passionate Alarmists see the Deniers as evil liars who are destroying the planet. The more passionate Climate Deniers / Realists see the Alarmists as Communists and incompetent fools who seek to destroy economies and plunge people into hell on earth via their war on fossil fuels.

I spend lots of time reading books and watching You Tube videos - the link to my You Tube playlists is on my Smashwords bio page .
I spend lots of time looking into all the ways that liars tell lies.

If you are looking for the True Church, how about looking for a Church which obeys the New Testament? Acts 2. 44-45, Acts 4. 32-35 tell us that the True Church looks rather like a commune. But then Acts 5. 4 says that individual Christians give their money to the True Church, but these Christians retain control over their money. The True Church acts as a bank. And of course scriptures like Luke 16. 19-31 give the rich Christians good reason to not be miserly.

Did you ever think there is something evil and Anti-Christian about the income tax? When one or more factions gain control of the government, and when these factions order the people to either pay the government a big percentage of their wages, or else they will go to prison, then, is this excellent and sound doctrine in full accordance with scripture? Or is it evil and Anti-Christian? When Christ said "render unto Caesar what is Caesar's," you have to remember that Caesar was a pagan emperor on the road to perdition. Christ wasn't saying "act like Caesar and you will go to Heaven."

Suppose you wish to explain to Christian rulers why they are being evil and Anti-Christian, and hence why they are on their way to burning in hell. You might tell them to not act like Caesar. If a Christian in government wants to be a good Christian, a true saint, not a Christian in name only, but a bone fide saint in God's True Church, then what do you think? Should that Christian rebel against the words of the New Testament, such as the words which tell Christians how money is managed in the True Church, you know, Acts 2. 44-45, Acts 4. 32-35, Acts 5. 4, Luke 16. 19-31 etc?

Yes, but you say governments need to confiscate large fractions of people's incomes or else the goverments will collapse. Yes, but there is a Commandment which says Thou Shalt not Steal.

People say there must be separation of Church and State. Well, do you want to obey the New Testament and go to Heaven? Or do you want to rebel against the New Testament and go to Hell?

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May 25
Bill Etem
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