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Introduction to Internet Scams and Fraud - Credit Card Theft, Work-At-Home Scams and Lottery Scams

Table of Contents
Introduction to Internet Scams and Fraud
Getting to Know More about Internet Scams/Identity Theft/Credit Card Theft and Internet Frauds
Difference between Internet scams And Internet Fraud
Tips and Techniques to Recognize Frauds and Scams
Rule number one – giving personal information out
Rule number two – identification documents
How does Internet fraud work?
Lottery Scams
Victim of Lottery Fraud?
Giving Money Away Free Scam
Protecting yourself from Internet fraud
Part 2
Credit card thefts/work-at-home scams/banks and scammers
Work from Home Frauds – Facebook Fortune
Country Oriented Work-At-Home Scams
How to Recognize a Work-At-Home Scam
Anti Internet Fraud agencies
Social media advertising – YouTube etc. Promoting Scams
Work-at-home programs
Tips for Working at Home Jobs
How to Trap Internet tricksters Through Social Media?
How Do Banks Encourage Frauds?
How Can a Bank Help in Catching a Scammer?
Banking Laissez-faire attitudes
Strict Ways of Tackling Credit Card Frauds
Banking Secrets Unfolded
Bank Update Frauds
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Introduction to Internet Scams and Frauds

With the Internet becoming such an integral part of all our lives, is it a surprise that we are more vulnerable to Internet scams and Internet fraud. So for all those people who want to know about the different ways in which a person can get scammed through Internet scams and Internet fraud, here is a complete information dossier telling you all about identity thefts, credit card thefts, Internet fraud and Internet scams.

Along with this, you are going to know more about how fraudsters can gain access to your bank account, thanks to emails which you demand information from you under the garb of updating your banking details and information.

Ignorance is not bliss. In such cases you have to be one step ahead of all the scamsters who benefit from a credulous public who believe that if banking and financial company officials have written to you about a serious matter, it is serious. They thrive on such threatening and scare tactics, telling you that your account is going to be limited within three days or some such ultimatum.

Remember that no bank or any other institution which has anything to do with money is going to ask you for your details, by asking you to update them online. Anybody with a little bit of common sense knows that any information which is sent online either through mail or through tapping on supposedly secure websites can be easily accessed by any hacker with a little bit of experience and computer know how.

So apart from showing you ways and means with which you can check these Internet scamsters and credit card identity thieves, this book is going to give you information on how you can protect yourself from future financial losses.

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January 3
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