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If you are searching for a solution to identify your overeating and emotional eating habits and to live an healthy and balanced life then keep reading…

Eating for many of us means getting relief from stress, especially if we eat junk food that we consciously know it's bad. 
We think "It's the last time", "Just for today", "On Monday I will start this new diet", but it's never true…

When we constantly feel hungry and overeat, sometimes it's not about the food. In this important book, a weight management expert presents the proven-effective Anchor Weight Management System to help people finally end their struggles with emotional eating and weight gain.

Good health is about finding what works for you―rather than forcing yourself to follow the latest fad diet. The Healthy Eating for Life intuitive eating workbook shows how to improve your relationship with food by listening to your body's cues instead of stressing over calorie counting and meal plans.

You will learn:
How to find out if you are really an emotional eaterThe right way to diet and why you will always failMotivation: how to control your routine with easy and effective tricksHow to find the causes of your overeatingYou never tried to control your eating habits and your routineYou tried extreme, risky, dietingYou want to live a healthy life and overcome your fears, following your true goals and ambitions
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June 20
Andres Wright
Draft2Digital, LLC

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Kerilynnrocks ,

Good info

There are quite a few grammatical errors and proofreading would have made this a better read. Good information overall