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The tryst—a potent spell—had worked to quell the riots between humans and exotics—zots—but for the three powerful zots who had cast it, it nearly meant their destruction. Entangled now not just by their past loves and jealousies, their auras, now entwined, were bound when the well-intended tryst went terribly wrong.
Each has acquired powers, but each also has much to lose. Kurt, vampire regent and Master of Seattle, has developed the formidable magickal abilities of a mage, but at the price of his native powers weakening. While he can’t afford for humans to discover his true identity, the growing diminishment of his vampiric might is making it that much harder to hide. Not only is he at risk of being unmasked, but he must now face a potential threat to his Seattle reign from within the ranks of his own.
Garrett Larkin, the mastermind of the tryst and beautiful mage of Seattle’s Balthus Coven, has acquired a horrifying craving for blood and destruction like her former lover and tryst partner, Parker Berenson, the powerful leader of the werewolf pack. Parker has his own problems, not the least of which is his affections for Melera, an alien assassin on the run from her arch nemesis who wants to destroy her and enslave all of Earth.
Drawn together by choice and fate while doing what they had to do, can they now undo the wrongs or will it be too late for all of them and Earth?

Fiction & Literature
October 30
Roxanne Bland
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Arieslady52 ,

Rhapsody in paranormal SF action romance

Fantastic! Roxane Bland's Invasion is the craziest and most entertaining mash-up of paranormal/SF/urban fantasy/romance since Kim Harrison's The Hollows series. I'm absolutely hooked! Set in a future-world Seattle, where we are quickly introduced - no, overwhelmed - with a cast of genre-spanning characters: a vampire, a werewolf, a witch, and an extraterrestrial. Backstory connects the paranormal/magickal beings via a spell, Master vampire Kurt, Pack Alpha Parker, and Witch Garrett retain their spelled connection, and when the story begins the flawed and damaging nature of that connection soon becomes apparent. These three, the most powerful "zots" (exotics) in the city, become involved with a galactic war - in an other galaxy - when an escaped POW named Melara (with the cutest mangled "Ink-leesh" ever invented) falls in love with Parker, which upsets the wolf pack's jealous Freya, which leads to making trouble for the vampires, which leads to a very likely alien invasion of Dirt (Earth, in Melara-speak), which forces the spell-crippled "zot" leaders to defend the planet while they try to remove the pernicious spell that binds them... The convoluted path from cause to effect is the finely-wrought product of Bland's far-ranging imagination, coupled with excellent writing skills. This gal casually throws out the most outrageous and momentous plot developments like Huck Finn tells whoppers - indeed, her wry and disingenuous deadpan humor puts me in mind of Twain. I was fortunate enough to receive an ARC of Invasion (thank you, eBook Discovery) and this independent, voluntary, and uncompensated review is my 5-star recommendation to read this book NOW.
P.S. There's a second book already in the works. **Double fist pump**

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