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Houston’s mission, following his own successful string of businesses that made him independently wealthy and free to pursue his passions, is to help people obtain the financial education we all need to free us from the tyranny of modern money markets—and from our own ignorance. With that freedom, with open eyes and new awareness of both pitfalls and possibilities, we can escape the rat race to which most of us resigned ourselves long ago. And while it takes some work, it’s NOT impossible. 

In this fast-reading story Houston looks at all the options to where you can invest today and provides a fresh and honest assessment of where he feels is the best investment to make.

In order to understand Houston’s beliefs you are taken on a journey through the ages to understand what will affect your decisions. From the history of money to the US housing crisis and the dominant effects that come from decisions made by Government and the Federal Reserve. 

Houston explains how the coming world wide depression will have a profound effect on the decisions you will make and he encourages you to explore a true financial education for the sake of not just you but your friends and family.

So grab a coffee and take a moment to read this book from start to finish and truly start grasping what you need to do in the future.

Business & Personal Finance
November 1
Fintrack Pty Ltd
Fintrack Pty Ltd

Customer Reviews

Suggaristhedevil ,


This book offered some 6 pages of advice, the rest was rambling of the authors opinion of the financial market. I do agree with his opinion on the corruption in the U.S today, but I purchased this book in hopes of learning. Paragraphs were copied and pasted throughout and his grammar was elementary.

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