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At last, the first digital edition of Investment Analytics by Sanjay Jagatsingh which since its launch in 1999 has helped hundreds of people quickly fill knowledge gaps, connect many dots, do their work better, prepare for their finance exams especially those of the prestigious CFA Program and sleep more peacefully. The 20 chapters of the 199-page career-companion are: 1. Basics; 2. Yields, yields & yields; 3. Regressions; 4. Ratio analysis; 5. Statement of cash flows; 6. LIFO-FIFO; 7. Asset allocation; 8. Bond valuation; 9. Evaluating foreign bonds; 10. Term structure of interest rates; 11. Horizon return analysis; 12. Analysing convertibles; 13. Stock valuation; 14. Expected return, risk & correlation; 15. 𝞫; 16. Duration; 17. Convexity management; 18. Derivatives; 19. Performance measurement; 20. Performance attribution.

More specifically, Investment Analytics has helped readers…
• master time value of money
• price T-bills, bonds, stocks and derivatives
• estimate, refine and pick regression models
• put portfolios together and modify them
• measure and break down investment results into useful components
• estimate the interest rates forecasted by markets
• love topics they hated before
• validate and extend what was learned with 100+ problems
• learn and revise faster with concise chapters
• get through their undergrad, MBA and CFA exams
• jump back into their studies after long breaks
• make career choices

“IA comprises amazing shortcuts and it should be kept under the pillow rather than under the kitchen table.”

“I hated accounting until I started reading Investment Analytics. Now I’m quite happy I’m comfortable with it as it is the topic area with the biggest exam weight.”

“CFA manuals may take several pages to explain something that we can understand in a few paragraphs in IA.”

“very useful to solve problems in exams.”

“I used it a lot for my first degree. Now I am writing CFA exams and I am still using it a lot.”

“Tables and formulas are easy to locate and detailed explanations on things we might be looking for although the book is very concise.”

Now this digital edition amplifies tremendously many of the benefits of Investment Analytics by allowing readers to master a wide range of tools and connect many more dots a lot faster taking the learning experience to an entirely new level.

Business & Personal Finance
October 3
Sanjay Jagatsingh